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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sexy & I Know It (Part 1)

Sexy & I Know It Hunt is in full effect.  This is just one of a few posts I'll be doing for this hunt.  The hunt has a few really nice things in it.  

Starting off with this sexy skin from Drop Dead Gorgeous.  It can be yours for only 1L.  Don't forget it's boobie friendly as well.

Speaking of boobie friendly this cute dress I'm wearing is boobie & booty friendly too.

The hair is one of the hairs in the freeball on the beach of Analog Dog.

Skin: Unadorned (Sexy & I Know It Stop #40) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hair: Tantrum (Free) @ Analog Dog

Outfit: Illusions Dress (Sexy & I Know It Stop #54)

*Location: Image Essentials

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Phat Bottom Girl

So I was in the bloggin' mood & one of my various groups sent out this notice for an outfit.  Went to check it out & it was right up my alley.  Don't adjust your computer screen, this dress is designed to show off your cookie.  The back also exposes your great booty.  Comes with both appliers for maximum applier pleasure.

Al Vulo's group gift is what I've been sporting lately.  And yes, it's boobie friendly as well.  Grab it before they change it again.  Not sure how often they do.

The hair comes from the floating bubble you can find by the beach @ Analog Dog.  It has been tinted.

Dress: Corset Dress Sheer (Group Gift, Free) @ Phat Bottom Girls

 Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

 Hair: Pop Scotch (Free) @ Analog Dog

*Location: Image Essentials

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tie Me Up

Can't get over the Al Vulo skin, if you haven't grabbed it yet don't forget to.  It is truly amazing, with tiny adorable freckles.  And I'm not even a freckle kinda gal.

You can get the hair from the bubble on the beach @ Analog Dog.  I tinted this hair as I love going as a red head.

Rachel Swallows put out this sexy number, with ties everywhere, the back is amazing too.  I'm not normally a  neon green type of girl, but I feel like a chick in the DX army (wrestling reference if you watch it).

Outfit: Strap Me Up (Free) @ Rachel Swallows

Skin:  Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

 Hair: Tantrum (Free) @ Analog Dog

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling Sinister....Part IV

 This post will conclude my coverage of the Sinister Goth Hunt.

Analog Dog has this hair in their freeball on the beach.

Aimi Skins has this great skin out for the hunt.

You can hunt for this mesh dress @ Cae.b.

Skin: Claire (Sinister Goth Hunt #25) @ Aimi's Skin

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

Dress: Vain (Sinister Goth Hunt, #29) @ Cae.b

Hair: Libra (Free) @ Analog Dog

* Location: Toxian City

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

Feeling Sinister....Part III

I'm really love this skin.  After I'm done blogging I'm gonna see what it looks like on Julya shape.  Sure its gonna look fanfuckingastic.

I've used this hair a few times in different posts.  It's one of my favorite free hairs I have.  It's in the freeball on the beach of Analog Dog.

The outfit I'm wearing is just one of the 4 outfits you can search for @ Venomous Rage Designs.  This is definitely a keeper.  Also comes with boots not shown.

The shape I am wearing is the shape I have been using to blog all the Sinister Hunt posts.  I put it out for the hunt @ Shame Me Designs.

Skin: Claire (Sinister Goth Hunt #25) @ Aimi's Skin

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

Outfit: Lindsey (Sinister Goth Hunt, #55) @ Venomous Rage Designs

Hair: Libra (Free) @ Analog Dog

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lacy & Tasty

I was running to slap a board for a fellow board slapper when I ran across this outfit.  It is free the desk of Brain Circuit.  It comes with the lace top, pants & belt.  Personally I love the hell out of the top...and wear other pants with it.  But here it is in its entirety.

The hair is one of the choices you get when you get the freeball @ Analog Dog, best thing you cant TINT it!!

Al Vulo has this adorable skin out as a group gift.  Now I have never been on for freckles but this is just too cute.

Outfit: Lacy (Free) @ Brain Circuit

Skin: Kinder Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

Hair: Tantrum (Free) @ Analog Dog

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Prettiest In Pink

This cute little number can be picked up for free @ Blue Wave.  There are a few more gifts there for free, but you'll have to go and check it out yourself to see what they are.

Drop Dead Gorgeous still has their Feb group gift out grab it while you can.

This is another one of the several free hairs you can pick up when you click the bubble on the beach @ Analog Dog.

Dress: Seduction (Free) @ Blue Wave

Skin: Yours4Eva (Group Gift, Free) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hair: Ashbury (Free) @ Analog Dog

Sometimes Things Get Dystorted

Promised I'd get back to the swing of things.  Here is the first of probably a few posts that I will do today.

Run over to Dystorted to pick up this cute Tease outfit.  Comes with the top, mesh skirt, torn stockings & boobie friendly.  There is also a males gift there, that is not shown.

Drop Dead Gorgeous has this excellent skin out as a group gift, but its set up for February, so you better go snag it while you still can.  It too is boobie friendly.

The hair is from Analog dog.  Just go to the beach & click the bubble.  You will find a few different styles in the bubble.  Although this hair has been tainted.

Outfit: Tease (Group Gift, Free) @ Dystorted

Skin: Yours4Eva (Group Gift, Free) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hair: Pop Scotch (Free) @ Analog Dog

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today is a happy day.  I get to blog all 3 of some of my favorite shops in SL. 

 First off the hair is some of the new hair that was put in the Freeball @ Analog Dog. 

 The skin is from a lucky board that is FREE @ Drop Dead Gorgeous.  She threw in a fatpack, so if you stand there long enough you can win a fatpack of this great skin for free.

Tw@ttyC@kes is back open and the first dress they up in their MM board is this naughty one called Yield.  It only takes 50 slaps for this to be yours.  It also comes with boobie appliers.  Lucky Us!

Dress: Yield (MM Board 50 slaps, Free) @ Tw@ttyC@kes

Skin: Forever Night (Pale) (Lucky Board) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dancin' Til Dawn With A Dirty Turkey

Not sure how many people have heard that there is new hair out in the bubbles of the beach of Analog Dog, they have a few of the same hairs from the last time, and put in a few more new ones.  This is the one called Libra, I tinted it as I normally do.  Go snag it so you can see all the new stuff inside.

Stop by Sassy for the Dirty Turkey Hunt.  You get this really cute halter, skirt combo for the gift.

Hush has the skin called Autumn up and I decided to use the "sugar" tone for this outfit. 

Skin: Autumn (Free, Group) @ Hush

Hair: Libra (Free) @ Analog Dog

Outfit: Dancin' Till Dawn (Dirty Turkey Hunt) @ Sassy

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wow Have You Been To Chest Treasures?

So there is this great new boobie mall that has been hoping and yours truly is now part of it.  I have opened up a Tameless Affiliate there as everyone knows I can't get enough of them.  I will show some of the stuff later down the road.  But anyway...So they have some great stores you can perv the stores here:  A lot of the designers have put out freebies which I will be showcasing on and off so here is 2 of the stores.

Tw@ttyC@kes one of the pioneers of the boobie community is coming back full force come November, but she has opened a satellite store @ Chest Treasures.  You can find this dress as her opening gift there.

Wow skins, another designer that opened a shop there.  You can find this skin "Anna" there for free as well.

Skin: Anna (Free) by Wow Skins @ Chest Treasures

Dress: Splice (Free) by Tw@ttyC@kes @ Chest Treasures

Hair: Snapshot (Free) @ Analog Dog

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Get Twisted

Yes, yes it is that time of year when you lose your hair the most.  Ripping it from the very roots.  The netorious Twisted Hunt has returned.  This is the gift you will get from Deathrocker Betty Crocker, its a nice leather jacket with the word "Circus Freak" on the back.

The pants I'm sporting is from D&G Fashions  And their free.

I was running around looking for a new skin to use for this post.  So I stumbled upon this one, and its soo cute.

Jacket: Twisted Circus Leather Jacket (Twisted Hunt Gift) @ Deathrocker Betty Crocker

Pants: D&G Ultra Lowrise (Free) @ D&G Fashions

Hair: Snapshot (Free) @ Analog Dog

Skin: Candy (Group Gift, Free) @ Poudre

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tattered Angeldust

Walking on the sandy beach of Analog Dog.  There are 3 bubbles where you can get free hair from, each bubble contains the same hair.  There is several hairs in it.  Some mesh, some system.  You'll just have to go and take a look.

I'm wearing the brand new released group gift put out by Angeldust.  It comes in 4 different tones.

The lingerie can be found @ Tattered, but I liked it on the beach.

Hair: Mint Earth (Free) @ Analog Dog

Skin: Sarah (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust

Lingerie: Pretty Bows (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #12) @ Tattered

Friday, May 31, 2013

What Great Poise

Normally blogging the last days of the month is pretty hard, because designers only have a day or so before they change their gifts.  But fortunately I found some group gifts that work great together.  So enjoy.

Shine has a group gift out called Oggy it is for May & June.  They put a few options in there for you to customize it to be you.  There is freckles, teeth and even a shape (not shown). So if you haven't picked up yet go grab it. =)

Snapshot Marsala is the name of the hair.  It is one of several hairs put out for free on the beach in a bubble @ Analog Dog.

Poise put their June group gift out early.  To me it looks like Captain America & Green Arrow got together and made clothing.  It's all mesh.

Skin: Oggy (Group Gift, Free) @ Shine
Outfit: Nap (Group Gift, Free) @ Poise
Shape: Jadelynn (MM Board, Lucky Board) @ Shame Me Designs

Monday, May 27, 2013

You Keep It Movin'

The detail on this lace outfit is amazing.  And they add a cute little touch too it by putting prim ribbons on the side.  You can get this and another gift (not shown) @ the front desk of Movin'.

Ladonna is just one of the many hairs that are free on the beach in the bubble @ Analog Dog.

The skin is from Hush. Their current group gift.

Skin: Spring (Group Gift, Free) @ Hush
Hair: Ladonna (Free) @ Analog Dog
Lingerie: April VIP Gift (Group Gift, Free) @ Movin'

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mel's A Pretty Dollie

So I got a notecard from Dollie saying that they have a new mainstore.  I have never been there before so I love to run and check out the stores I haven't heard of before.  I went to their group gift section and picked up this older hunt gift I missed out on.  How I could have missed this I have no idea.  I'm drooling over the texture.  It fits perfectly, and moves great, being its mesh.

And one of my favorite skins stores put out another group gift.  It comes in 4 different tones and cleavage options.  She's called Mel, and is just hawt.

I tinted one of the hairs I got from the bubble on the beach from Analog Dog.

Skin: Mel (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust
Dress: Black & Red Corset Dress (Group Gift, Free) @ Dollie
Hair: Tantrum House (Free) @ Analog Dog

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not So Innocent

So I'm loving these boobie stores that are popping out everywhere.  I remember when they were far and few between.   I have heard a lot of them, but then in one of my several groups I heard this store Aqua Kisses being mentioned.  I sprung to go check it out.  When I landed there is a vendor just to the right that has 9 different group gifts inside.  I flipped through them all and this one caught my eye.  It's their Valentine's Day gift.  It comes with the cami and the matching panties.

Ladonna is another one of the hairs that you can find in the free bubble on the beach of Analog Dog.

I like to explore around and find shops that are not too many stream.  So in my travels I run across a store called -Skins- and they give out a 3 skin fatpack of this cute skin that went perfect with the outfit.  You will land @ Purple Poses, you can either wait for the teleport board rezz and hit the skin section or you can walk to your right, and you will walk right into it.

Lingerie: Innocence Valentine (Group Gift, Free) @ Aqua Kisses
Skin: Naomi (Group Gift, Free) @ -Skins-
Hair: Ladonna (Free) @ Analog Dog

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stranded On Earth

There are things to say about being stranded on an island.  The bikini is just darling.  It has cute peak loops and sexy back.  

Liliskin is a great skin you can get being a member of the group.  It comes in a fatpack of skin tones. 

Analog Dog still have this cute hair in the bubble on the beach.

Skin: May - Emerald -Ivory (Group Gift, Free) @ Liliskins
Hair: Mint Earth (Free) @ Analog Dog
Outfit: Gift D (Free) @ Babygirlz

Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeling Sassy In My New Leather

When mesh first came out I was dead set against it.  I thought things looked good for pictures but didn't work out normally.  Boy was I wrong.  The movement on this mesh corset as fantastic.  And the zipper on the panties are such a cute touch.  You can be on of the 200 people to slap the MM board and get it for free =).

Here is yet another freebie hair in the bubble on the beach @ Analog Dog.  There are a few mesh hairs in the bubble, and I normally blog the none mesh ones.  If they are not mesh they are tintable.

I'm not always into the dark skin but there has been a calling out there for them more lately so, here is the newest group gift out from Al Vulo.  She must have heard the call too.  Just remember once you get it for the month, she does not redeliver.  So if you delete it by accident your screwed.

Skin: Aisha (Group Git, Free) @ Al Vulo
Hair: Ging (Free) @ Analog Dog
Lingerie: Mesh Leather Corset Set (200 Slap, Midnight Mania) @ Sassy!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Julya Stays On The Island

I was so excited for my friend Amohe the owner of Angeldust when I heard that she was approved by Violet Mafia.  But what came next shocked the hell out of me.  I couldn't believe it.  She sent me an ad of what she was going to have available for the members.  It was a picture of a "Julya" skin.  I was so gitty.  I couldn't believe she made a skin in my honor.  So I wanted to share it all with you, in hopes that you enjoy the skin as much as I do.

The hair is from the bubble on the beach from Analog Dog.  I tinted it to give it that color.

Raynzone has this adorable mesh bikini which is perfect for the beach.  You can see sea shells throughout the design.

Bikini: Bikini (Group Gift, Free) @ Raynzone
Hair: LaDonna (Free) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Julya (Group Gift, Free) by Angeldust @ Violet Mafia