Yer Mawm! Hunts

Yer Mawm! The people that have brought you nothing but AWESOME freebies, dollarbies, group gifts and hunt prizes will be branching out.  Bringing you the most KICK ASS hunt blog ever.  We will be doing pics of all hunt items. Lists of current & upcoming hunts.  Also a section for applications to join.  Along with a list of all hunt blogs. 

Yer Mawm hunts will be doing sim & grid wide hunts periodically.  Join Yer Mawm in-world group for all the details secondlife:///app/group/31eaacc9-d3e6-5238-2035-e6abb74d8087/about .  They will be posting slurls & clues in the notices.

Go forth and perv it.

Yer Mawm! Crew

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