Rules for the Riff Raff

These rules are for the Sit Here Slap This in-world group that this blog is attached to.

Group Joiner: secondlife:///app/group/6373b8ff-a9ef-f89d-1ff4-b34e00ae9e07/about

Sadly, we have to have some rules.  The following rules apply to general members.  Content creators are subject to a different set of rules.

Please read the entirety of the rules.  I took the time to write them.  Please be kind enough to take the time to read them. 

As I, and my cohorts, are generally opposed to the idea of policing the behavior of adults, these rules will likely be fluid.  You should expect that they change.  You should also know that I really don't like rules.  So the fact that I am writing these up means that I mean it.

For the average member, the biggest issue will be the who, what, when, where, how (we usually don't care why) of the post.

We get the who when you post and really won't require any specific indentification from most of you. Every member is welcome to post and interact.  We rely on your good judgement and active participation. 

What is it that you are calling?  Is it a Midnight Madness board?  Put MM in front of the post.  Lucky chairs and lucky boards are easier to recognize so there really needs to be no further identifier than the letters needed. 

A description of the item is also helpful.  Tell us if it's a skirt or a skin, please and notate the appropriate gender.  Guys showing up to a lucky chair for "great boots" that turn out to be stilletto thigh highs is a bit frustrating.  We are a fairly gender balanced group and should really take pride in our diversity.  The obvious things (dresses, lingerie, prim boobs) don't need a notation *but* you should be specifying male/female/unisex on anything that you'd question otherwise.  A shirt could be a button down men's shirt or a plunging neckline blouse.  Please just take a couple of extra seconds to notate the intended consumer. 

Please don't post blindly. If you haven't actually seen the item, do not post it.  Our members should help each other out by slapping MM boards and flipping chairs but please try to be considerate of each others' time.

When?  Well, if it's a lucky chair that you are calling, please be kind enough to include the amount of time remaining on the chair when you call.  If there is less than 3 minutes remaining on the chair, please just wait for it to flip.  If you are telling us about a sale or a freebie, try to include the end date of the sale.  If it's a special event that is only happening for few hours that is imperative.

The "where" of the post should be a valid SLURL.  Mistakes happen and people accidentily post the wrong SLURL and that is no big deal.  We just expect the poster to correct it as quickly as possible. 

If you are a Midnight Madness board owner or a lucky chair owner, please consider the placement of your chairs or boards.  If the group members have to fly from the landing point to the Midnight Madness board, they get frustrated and are less likely to go to your boards in the future.  We understand that the idea is to get traffic and exposure for your store.  In that vein, we encourage our members to stick around and check out the wares offered for sale by the board and chair owners.  The land maturity rating must be included with these posts.

How to get there?  If you have posted something that requires a hike form the landing point, say so...just saying "fly to board" in the post gives us an idea of what to expect.  A dozen avatars gathered at a landing point waiting for a Midnight Madness board to rez is a sad sight and I don't like it.  If there is some sort of special event going on, tell us how to get in on it.  (i.e. wear your group tag at Junwave to get the new group gift).

Most of us don't care why it's free, so we'll skip that one.

The Details:
MM board postings should look like this:
MM 15/175 PixelDolls Gift Card $175 Mature

Note that it is referred to as a MM board...the store name is in the post...the item description...slurl...and the land maturity rating are all included.   If the board is your own, you should follow these rules as well.

Midnight Madness boards may be posted every fifteen (15) minutes by a general member. Posting a board every two minutes will get you booted.  I'm not going to be flexible about this one.  Between 23:00 and Midnight, we are a little more flexible about this. We understand that it's a free for all at that time and will likely *not* boot you for posting every 5 minutes.  Use common sense on this one. 

PRO SPAMMERS AND BOTS WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT!  If you get paid to post, work for a shop, club, or receive an sort of compensation for the posting of the boards, you are subject to the rules for content creators.

Lucky chairs should be called as the letters change.  If the chair is on a long timer (20+ minutes), you can post the chair every 10 minutes.

The format for calling lucky chairs and boards will be as follows:

G/5 @ RC Cluster for nana's knitted socks - m/f upstairs

Note that the letter is called first, the amount of time left on the chair, then where, then the item description and the appropriate gender.  This is a unisex item so "m/f" works.  If it's for males "m" at the end of the description or "f" for females works just fine.  The slurl is included and the chair location in the store is added for clarification.

Tell us about sales and freebies and hunts and special events!  We want to know.  Don't spam your sale here.  Ask an owner or officer to send out a notice.  If we choose not to send the notice, please understand that we do not exist to promote any particular store.

The Point:

Takes me a long time to get there, huh?

This is an ADULT group.  All of you should be able to communicate with each other without the sniveling and whining that makes me want to get out my nuke rezzer.  We aren't really your mom or your personal referee.  If you have an issue with another member that just can not be resolved on it's own, please send a notecard to an owner or officer.  Keep in mind that if you come whining that somebody used a naughty word in chat, I will likely tell you to mute that person rather than get into word policing.  I use naughty words all the time and just don't care.  We encourage interaction.  Talk, laugh, have a good time with each other.  Discuss whatever you like - within reason.  If you would end up in jail for saying it in the real world, don't say that shit here.  I don't want to know about your sick sexual fanatasies anyway.   They make groups for that.  I will not, however, boot somebody for saying "penis" because that is just stupid. 

That being said, I am well aware that the teen grid has been dissolved and the kids are being integrated.  If you are under 18, please find another group.  I don't hate your youth.  I just refuse to be responsible for you.  If I find, in my random perusal of profiles, that any member is actually under 18, I will be ejecting.  Its not personal. 

These rules will likely change and grow and maybe get broken up into chunks over time.  Check here or in the notices notices for updates and please, enjoy one another.  If you have issues or questions, please contact an owner or an officer.