Advent 2014

'Tis the season! 

I've collected and compiled.  These are the merchants (so far) who have generously set out an Advent Calendar or other daily gift for the holiday season.  The gifts may not be active until 12/01/2014 and some of them don't start until later in the month.

Any details I have about the prizes are included (ie Advent or 12 Days of Christmas, etc.).  I have attempted to get as much information as I possible can.  However, I could have something listed incorrectly.  Please let me know if you find errors on this list.  You can drop a note down the well and I will fix it as soon as possible!

We don't normally list items costing over $1L here at Yer Mawm.  Some of the shops listed here, however, do charge a nominal fee for the item or are restricted to group members only.  Some of the groups do charge a fee to join.  Any items that will cost lindens are clearly marked (provided that I am aware of the fees).  Please be aware of this when collecting the prizes.  I'll update as I have more information.

I am not affiliated in any way with any of these shops (except .::IM CaPPed::.).  I can not help with things like the time differences in Japan or Germany or Nebraska.  I simply gather the information and make it available to you.

You can grab a copy of this list from the giant sign on the barn wall, should you need a copy inworld.

Should you run across others or have one at your own shop, please drop a notecard down the well and I'll get the location on this list lickety-split!

Happy Holidays and all that jazz!


22769 - 12 Days of Christmas - $0L(Starts 12/12/14)

7 Deadly Skins   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$2L* Join Fee) ( Non-Group Members can buy the gift for $50L)

Aaron's Kitty Store - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Abranimations   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Akaesha Designs   Advent - $0L

ALB Fashion Dream   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$300L* Join Fee)

Alli & Ali Hair   Advent - $0L

Alli & Ali Hair   Advent - $0L

Alice Project   Advent - $0L (There is one gift for the general public and one gift for VIP members.  VIP Group Join Fee is *$750*)

Alice Project   Advent - $0L (There is one gift for the general public and one gift for VIP members.  VIP Group Join Fee is *$750*) *Second Location*

AMD & AMT   Advent - $0L

Baby Monkey   Advent Stockings - $1L each (refunded immediately)

The Beautiful Ones   Advent - $10L or $0L for Group Members (*$0L Join Fee)

Badoura Design   Advent Mini Hunt - $0L (One gift each Sunday starting 11/30.)

La Boheme   Weekly Gift - $0L (New Gift on 12/1, 12/8, 12/15, &12/22)

Celtic Wolf   Advent - $0L

CERO Style   Advent - $0L

CHOP ZUEY   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Gifts for non-Group Members)

CHOP ZUEY   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Group Only, *$350L* Join Fee)

[CIRCA] Living   Advent - $1L to $50L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Cleo Designs   Advent - $0L

CoLab Kit Laboratory   Advent - $25L (The CoLab will run a  Christmas Advent Calendar with 1-3 kits for each day of December from 1-24. Each day is assigned to a different member and be made available for sale in the CoLab members shop.  You can get the landmarks to the shops at the CoLab Kit Laboratory.)

Cosmopolitan   Advent Event 2014 - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

crow   12 Days of Christmas - $25L (Starts 12/14/14)

DMC - DarkMoon Creations   Advent - $0L (Accepting donations for UNICEF)

Drama Libre   Advent - $0L

Dulce Secrets   12 Days of Christmas - $1L

EED - Exquisite Eye Decor   Advent - $35L

Entice   Advent - $0L

Eternal Dream   Advent - $10L each (Free for Group Members, *$200L* Join Fee)

Faboo   7 Days of 7 Shorts - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

FallnAngel Creations   Advent - $0L (There are multiple Holiday gifts at Falln.  You'll need to wander around to get them all.)

Fierce Designs   Advent - $0L

Flowerdreams   12 Days of Christmas - $10L (Starts 12/12/14)

Forest Mall   Advent - $0L

Forest Mall   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

FORMANAILS   Advent - $0L

freebiecosmos   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

FUD - Fairy Unique Designs   Advent - $0L

Grumble   12 Days of Grumble - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee) (12/01/14 through 12/12/14)

Helping Haven   Advent - $0L

Hibiscus Hastings   Advent - $0L

Huggin Songr   Advent - $0L

.::IM CaPPed::.   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Starts 12/14/14)

Immortals   Advent - $0L

Impertinences   Advent - $0L

Isis Boutique   Advent - $0L

Kamiri   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

KittyCats   Advent - $0L

Kouse's Sanctum   Advent - $25L

Krystal   Advent - $10L

LA Designs   Advent - $0L

~Lantian Flox~   Advent - $0L (Past days gifts available for under $50L)

Larnia Kids   Advent - $0L

LeCock   Advent - $0L (Mens stuff)

Les Petits Mousses   Advent - $0L

Lipwear   Advent - $0L

Loordes of London   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Lyrical Bizarre Templates   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)(Starts 12/3/14)

The Mad Hattery   Advent - $25L each

Mad Pea   Advent Hunt - $100L for the Hunt HUD

Mattie Rae's Textures   12 Days of Christmas - $25L each

The Mieville Thames River Frost Fair   Advent (and Mini-Hunt) - $0L

Monastery   Advent - $0L

Moonstar   Advent - $0L

Mrs. Santa Christmas Market    Advent Hunt - $0L
In each stall you will find a CHRISTMAS BAUBLE WITH A DATE ON IT. These baubles are part of the Hunt. From 11/28 through 12/7,  there will be one gift available each day. From 12/8 through 12/24 there will be TWO GIFTS per day. Find the bauble(s) with  that day's date and click it to receive your gift!

{NaYu} Design   Advent - $0L

*N*B* Gestenshop  Advent - $0L

needful PIXEL   Advent - $0L

OPAL   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)

Parfum de Cristal   Advent - $0L

Purple Candy   Advent - $0L

The Retreat   Advent - $0L

Roots & Wings   Advent $0L

SG Weaponry   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)

Skye Qi   Advent - $0L

Sogno Christmas Market & Village - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Stone's Works   Advent - $25L - $75L each

StoraxTree   Advent - $5L each

Sway's   Advent - $0L

~*Sweet Revolutions*~   Advent Gift Hunt Daily - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

T&K Designs   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Timeless Textures  Advent - $0L (Also grab the free random daily gift)

A Touch of Magic   Advent - $1L each

United IrishCon   Advent - $0L

TheVampRealm    Advent - $0L

The Vintage Touch - 12/18 through 12/25 - $0L (Group Only, $0L Join Fee)

Virtual Impressions   Advent - $0L (Group Only, $0L Join Fee)

Virtual Textures   Advent - $0L (Group Only *$0L* Join Fee)

WEIB Special Sale Room   Advent - $0L

Wikked Islands Shopping   Advent - $0L

Wildz Creations   Advent - $0L

X-Clusives Animations   Advent - $0L

Yasum Design   Advent - $0L (Group Only, $0L Join Fee)

zOOm   Advent - $0L (Group Only, $99L Join Fee)


  1. Zoom has a 99L group join fee

  2. X-Clusives Animations is group only and 750L to join

  3. delete my last comment on X-clusives...i could not

  4. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you xxx