Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chic & Sassy

I was happy when I logged in and saw that the dress at Sassy locked.  It's a cute muted purple dress. It takes 150 slaps for it to be yours.  The dress comes in 5 mesh sizes.

As I already had the chair and dress I was in search of a skin.  I opened the map to see if I could find any skin stores that I haven't heard of before and low and behold I found one called Chic HD.  The group is 1L but you get this nice realistic skin and eyes for free, (I'm using my own eyes though).

And ending this post with one of the most gorgeous freebies I have seen in recent history, from Tableau Vivant.  A unisex hair that looks great for both men and women.

Skin: Realistic Fit Skin (Group Gift, 1L) @ Chic HD Skin

Hair: Hatsui (Group Gift, Free) @ Tableau Vivant

Dress: Anastasia (MM, 150 Slaps) @ Sassy

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