Thursday, July 2, 2015

#8 A New You - Golden Hue

This is my first post since moving my blog over so here's to hoping that it's something special.

First stop, Alterego.  This store has changed alot but that does not mean that the quality has suffered.  That goes for the Group Gifts as well.  Currently out, there are three skins in their signature Honey tone.  In addition to that, there is a set of 3 lip stick packs.  Group is free to join and there are even appliers for the lips in the notices.

Next up I hit up the MarketPlace.  This awesome Golden Sailor Dress from antielle. is so adorable.  Combine with the Raveena Stiletto Heels from Rebelle Wear they make the perfect addition to any Summer wardrobe.  To top it off I chose this soft brown Mid-Length mesh hair from Meef named Rima.

Body Parts
Hair :: Rima Natural Tones @ Fabia on MP
Skin :: Lydia V2 - Honey @ AlterEgo

Dress :: Marin Magique Sunny @ antielle
Shoes :: Raveena Stiletto Heels @ Rebelle Wear

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Easy To Be A Prettygirl

I know I haven't been around lately and I'm trying to change that.  For those that don't know I started an adventure blog called Julya's Stoner Stroll.  And I started adding fashion too it too.  So each stroll will have the outfit worn throughout it.  Well this was today's outfit I wanted to share because it was free.  The hair, skin & dress FREE!

Hair: Hatsui (Group Gift, Free) @ Tableau Vivant

Outfit: Demi Black Mini Dress 1L By Prettygirl @ Marketplace

Skin: Celestrail (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo

Soul and Love

During a hunt I decided to check out this one store named !Soul.  Boy was I surprised!  I found a whole avatar set as a Group Gift!!!  The regular group is free to join!  With this avatar you get two skins, eyes (I'm wearing my own), shape (I'm wearing my own), and a set of eye lashes!  Also it has appliers for Lolas, Baby Bump, Loud Mouth, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia, Cute Azz, G.Inc Perfect Body, G.Inc Perfect Bum, Phat Azz, Slink Hands, Slink Feet, Slink Head, and Wowmeh!!!  So many looks!!!  The skin it's self sweet milky tone with red lips and a beauty mark.

My hair is from one of my personal favorite stores, Tameless.  Outside of the main store, going to the left you will find a huge assortment of freebies.  This cute little updo was to hard to pass up.

Finally, my outfit!  I found this cute mini dress when I was prowling the Market Place.  Coming from a store I've never heard of it is their Valentine's Day gift.  For 1L you can own both looks!

Skin :: !Soul Group Gift @ !Soul

Hair :: Amelia - Mega Pack @ Tameless

Dress :: SEVEN - Valentine's Day Gift @ Mark Place SEVEN

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chic & Sassy

I was happy when I logged in and saw that the dress at Sassy locked.  It's a cute muted purple dress. It takes 150 slaps for it to be yours.  The dress comes in 5 mesh sizes.

As I already had the chair and dress I was in search of a skin.  I opened the map to see if I could find any skin stores that I haven't heard of before and low and behold I found one called Chic HD.  The group is 1L but you get this nice realistic skin and eyes for free, (I'm using my own eyes though).

And ending this post with one of the most gorgeous freebies I have seen in recent history, from Tableau Vivant.  A unisex hair that looks great for both men and women.

Skin: Realistic Fit Skin (Group Gift, 1L) @ Chic HD Skin

Hair: Hatsui (Group Gift, Free) @ Tableau Vivant

Dress: Anastasia (MM, 150 Slaps) @ Sassy

Friday, January 2, 2015

Alaska Sugar

As I was running over to Sugar looking for the product I blogged in my other fashion blog (items cost money) My Haters Motivate Me, I fell upon this freebie they had out.  It's a zipped mesh romper.  

Also while I was running around searching new tattoos for a new friend of mine, I saw that they had a free necklace at Aitui.  It's a back of a bullet on a chain.

Necklace: Ammunition @ Aitui

Hair: Reagan (Group Gift, Free) @ Tameless

Outfit: Zippered Romper (Free) @ Sugar

Skin: Alaska Tone 2 (Group Gift, Free) @ Lumae