Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Long Walk Home

So I am on a small vacation, with some fellow SL residents, being here in person I was able to spruce her up pretty well with all the goodies around.  I was jealous and jacked her shit, so here is the same dress & hairs with different skins on.

We are both wearing hair from the sale going on @ Analog Dog.  If you're type that is into updo's this event is your cup of tea.  Wander around the sim and look for the dresses that are in a green box. They are all free.  We just happen to like the same one.

The dress is from Orqudea, a free gift out under the Christmas tree.  It's mesh and comes in 5 sizes.

My skin is the gift under the tree at Ploom, although the company that made it was called Paper Rabbit  And she is wearing the group gift from Lumae.

Both: Dresses: Black Satin Dress (Free) @ Orqudea

Both: Hair: Val (Free) @ Analog Dog


Skin: Willow (Free) @ Paper Rabbit


Skin: Alaska Tone 2 (Group Gift, Free) @ Lumae

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