Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling Sinister....Part III

I'm really love this skin.  After I'm done blogging I'm gonna see what it looks like on Julya shape.  Sure its gonna look fanfuckingastic.

I've used this hair a few times in different posts.  It's one of my favorite free hairs I have.  It's in the freeball on the beach of Analog Dog.

The outfit I'm wearing is just one of the 4 outfits you can search for @ Venomous Rage Designs.  This is definitely a keeper.  Also comes with boots not shown.

The shape I am wearing is the shape I have been using to blog all the Sinister Hunt posts.  I put it out for the hunt @ Shame Me Designs.

Skin: Claire (Sinister Goth Hunt #25) @ Aimi's Skin

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

Outfit: Lindsey (Sinister Goth Hunt, #55) @ Venomous Rage Designs

Hair: Libra (Free) @ Analog Dog

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

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