Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling Sinister....Part II

Now I'm not one for much purple but the hunt supplies some seriously sweet items to pull together an awesome look.

Riel has this sweet skin on stop #22.  It's also boobie & booty friendly.

The hair from LaNoir Soleil Designs matches the skin perfectly.  On stop # 38.

This adorable mesh dress can be picked up from No Salvation # 48 on our hit parade.

Skin: Jezebelle (Sinister Goth Hunt #22) @ Riel

Hair: Lolly (Sinister Goth Hunt #38) @ LaNoir Soleil Designs

Dress: Vixen Cocktail Dress (Sinister Goth Hunt #48) @ No Salvation

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

* Location: The City Of Darkness

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