Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling Sinister....Part I

I had the joy of being able to participate in the new The Sinister Goth: Vanity hunt going on right now.  You can pick up this shape @ my store Shame Me Designs.

Chichickie sent out a new scribo gift called Annan, its part mesh part flexi.  Love the style.  Just join the scribo and its yours.

The skin is done by my awesome friend Pixy owner of PixyStix.  I especially love this skin cause, well she named it after my RL name.  Which was fucking awesome!  Anyway, go snag it up before the hunt is over.

Redline put this outfit out, I adore the top of the outfit.

Outfit:  Sweety Lengerie (Sinister Goth Hunt, #54)  @ Redline

Skin: Donine (Sinister Goth Hunt, #13) @ PixyStix

Shape: Ivy (Sinister Goth Hunt, #39) @ Shame Me Design

*** Hunt Blog (Pics for about 1/2 the items) ***

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