Friday, November 1, 2013

Greedy Much?

I'm so excited for this hunt the TSG Sinner's Hunt: Greed.  Because its the first hunt that I get to put one of my new clothing in.  All the other hunts I have been in we've put in shapes.  Go go snag up my first clothing gift put out.  I hope you enjoy it. 

I put the skin from PixyStix together with this outfit because it fit wonderfully.  It's all about the green for the Greed hunt.

Of course this hair is from Tameless and can be found in one of the lucky chairs.  I stock them constantly because she's always changing what she has in there.

Hair: Beatice (Lucky Chair, 4 Minutes, Free) @ Tameless

Skin: Hayden Greed (TGS: Sinner's Hunt: Greed, Stop # 13) @ PixyStix

Outfit: Nightside Green TGS: Sinner's Hunt: Greed, Stop # 11)

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