Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dancin' Til Dawn With A Dirty Turkey

Not sure how many people have heard that there is new hair out in the bubbles of the beach of Analog Dog, they have a few of the same hairs from the last time, and put in a few more new ones.  This is the one called Libra, I tinted it as I normally do.  Go snag it so you can see all the new stuff inside.

Stop by Sassy for the Dirty Turkey Hunt.  You get this really cute halter, skirt combo for the gift.

Hush has the skin called Autumn up and I decided to use the "sugar" tone for this outfit. 

Skin: Autumn (Free, Group) @ Hush

Hair: Libra (Free) @ Analog Dog

Outfit: Dancin' Till Dawn (Dirty Turkey Hunt) @ Sassy

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