Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feeling Boobielicious

Through the chaos I promise to make time once a day to make a post, I hate leaving this blog hanging as I do.  Being that we strive hard to bring you completely free blog.  A true freebie source.  You will never find anything over 1L.  Anyone can pick up 1L.  

So here is the first of many to come.

Boobielicious was awesome enough to send out a group gift that gives 2 different dresses for their group members.  So go join the group and get these 2 great dresses.

The hair is tinted from the group given out by Uncle Web.   They give you a fat pack of several colors.

The skin is from Angeldust, although they do not come with appliers, but I believe it is #8 on your Tangos to match it. =)

Dress: My Slutty Blue Dress (Group Gift, Free) @ Boobielicious

Skin: Sarah (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust

Hair: U.W.St Groupgift 2012 (Group Gift, Free) @ Uwst

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