Sunday, August 18, 2013

Something With A Twist

Guess what fuckers!!! I got me some boobies!!!  So I will be blogging both boobie friendly & regular clothing alike.  This is my first boobie post.  Hope you like.

A&A put this hair out as a freebie this week, its last weeks winner in their voting contest.  If you don't know about it already its the thing I was babbling about 2 weeks ago, and bugging the shit out of people to come and vote for that punk hair.  This is the hair that one afterwards.  And I put in my own submission this week, and it has more hits then all the rest like tons more so I think I'm gonna get that too WOOOT!  Anyway, if you got a minute go and vote for it.  It's the hair on the top row 3 hair.  The only really gothy one there.  And I will blog it when its available next Friday.

Sooo. I broke down and got boobies, so this is the first outfit that I found that I liked on Marketplace so I'm showing it to you.

The skin is new from PixyStix, finally I can use those appliers instead of trashing them.  Lord do I regret trashing them now.

Outfit: Leather Top 1L by Mystique @ Marketplace

Hair: Marayke (Free) @ A&A

Skin: Penelope (Group Gift, Free) @ PixyStix

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