Sunday, August 11, 2013

Look good as ice during the Summer in Cool Beauty

Cool Beauty is sure to make you smile as she walks in.  This one features a fairly dark skin from a little store called Avea // Heartsick.  While Heartsick Skins is only upon the MP, you can go inworld and grab this awesome little Group Gift.  It features lovely artwork about the eyes.

The top is from an outfit from Purple Candy, featured in the Dare2Bare hunt.  Now mind you there is more to this outfit, like an awesome pair of shorts but I used the shirt.

Skirt is from the awesome place I found upon the MP called ++R++.  Mesh and flowing great with the body it also comes with a HUD that gives you 8colors and 5sizes.

Hair is Abbie and its from Tameless, once again featured in the Dare2Bare hunt.  I just really like this one so I use it alot ^-^

Now the shoes are also part of an outfit from Nicclas Design also featured in the Dare2Bare hunt.  The whole outfit is just lovely but these shoes speak for themselves I would think.

Hair :: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Skin :: Paris GG @ Avea//Heartsick

Shirt :: I Dare You (Dare2Bare 5 Stop #26) @ Purple Candy

Shoes :: Dare2Bare 5 Stop #20 @ Nicclas Designs

Skirt :: Micromini @ ++R++

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