Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Got Boobie Trapped

I swear I got my boobies just in time.  Just don't know what size I like them yet, since my systems were 95 I'm still playing with them.  Anyway, this dress is just one of the tons of freebies Chest Treasure Mall has out.  Dozens of Boobie shops are participating so if you got time to burn go check it out.

Hair & Skin is from the Dare2Bare hunt.  I've blogged dozens of times =).

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 70) @

Skin: Girl NextDoor Paech (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dress: Seduction (Free) by Boobie Trap @ Chest Treasures

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