Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dare2Bare - EmoCutie Combo

I thought since I recently have gotten into wearing the Vstring Mesh Boobs I would make my first post including these.  EmoCutie is a look put together with a main part coming from the Dare2Bare hunt that is on going.  Que Bella has always been a favorite store of mine to go to for appliers; her outfits supporting a wide variety of Breasts.  Vstring works well with any Lola Tango Applier as well!

The skin is from another awesome store!  Hush!  Hush offers an applier pack.  Now while this is not free itself...once you have it, it works with ALL of her skins.  Including new releases.  And her current GG, worn in this picture, is breath taking.  Images of a girl on a beach come to mind.

The hair, oh I can't say enough about this.  Also from the Dare2Bare hunt, Abbie from Tameless is sure to please.  Found in the Fantasy Pack you will be sure to stand out in this flexi/mesh combo!

And last but not least, alittle splash of style here and there.  Make up from Glamorize.  Adding a splash of sass to the already adorable look.  And then a simple starry leg tattoo from K&L gives it a look all its own.

Hair :: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Outfit :: Chillin~Punk Skulls (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 60) @ !Q.B!

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