Thursday, August 29, 2013

Peek A Boo

I blogged the skin once before, but never noticed that on the back of it had a tattoo... this dress is perfect to show it off.  In front it looks like a sweet innocent dress, but then you turn around and bam, you got booty.  It's a great piece for those little devils inside you.  The hair is from Tameless lucky chairs.

Dress: Neon Green (Group Gift, Free) @ Pink Cherry

Skin: Penny (Group Gift, Free) @ Story Leaf

Hair: Olivia (Lucky Chair, Free) @ Tameless

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lock & Loaded

I just love the hair voting board that Alli&Ali has up.  You can submit a picture and if it gets enough votes she will make it.  She puts it out for free for a week and then its for sale.  This was my submission this week.  I am so excited that it won.  So grab it now before you have to pay for it later.

The skin is from Hush.  It does not come with boobies, although if you dink with your tangos a bit they match up great.  It comes in 6 different tones.

Prancing around Marketplace I found this cute little boobie friendly outfit.  It's called Locked & Loaded.  It's by Wicked Tattoos & Clothes, you can find it for 1L.

Skin: Summer SeaBlue (Group Gift, Free) @ Hush

Shape: Mercy (Free) @ Shame Me Designs

Hair: Rubina (Free) @ Alli&Ali

Outfit: Lock & Loaded 1L by Wicked Tattos & Clothes @ Marketplace

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tattered Angeldust

Walking on the sandy beach of Analog Dog.  There are 3 bubbles where you can get free hair from, each bubble contains the same hair.  There is several hairs in it.  Some mesh, some system.  You'll just have to go and take a look.

I'm wearing the brand new released group gift put out by Angeldust.  It comes in 4 different tones.

The lingerie can be found @ Tattered, but I liked it on the beach.

Hair: Mint Earth (Free) @ Analog Dog

Skin: Sarah (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust

Lingerie: Pretty Bows (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #12) @ Tattered

Classic Look

I usually don't like blonde hair but I thought this was appropriate.  That is what is fantastic about the hair from Calico.  It comes with a color changing hud.

This lingerie is from Moda.  It is amazing quality for such a short time she had to prepare for the hunt.  I invited her like 2 days before for the hunt.

Panda Punx put in a lovely skin that is boobie friendly as part of the Dare2Bare hunt.

Lingerie: Merletto (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 14) @ Moda

Skin: (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 23) @ Panda Punx

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 70) @ Calico

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Laughing It Up @ HAHA Studios

I got this skin from a new skin store, well new to me.  They care called Story Leaf.  It's nice quality & they have a guys skin there too.

Abbie is a hair that just keeps giving, there are many options for this hunt gift.  Also if you join the group @ the store you get it in natural colors as well.

Dare2Bare always tries to bring new stores to hunters attention.  HaHa Studios put up this green dress.  It's very interesting.  Grab yours today.

Skin: Penny (Group Gift, Free) @ Story Leaf

Hair: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Dress: Vinyl Dress (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Spot # 47) @ HAHA Studios

I Got Boobie Trapped

I swear I got my boobies just in time.  Just don't know what size I like them yet, since my systems were 95 I'm still playing with them.  Anyway, this dress is just one of the tons of freebies Chest Treasure Mall has out.  Dozens of Boobie shops are participating so if you got time to burn go check it out.

Hair & Skin is from the Dare2Bare hunt.  I've blogged dozens of times =).

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 70) @

Skin: Girl NextDoor Paech (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dress: Seduction (Free) by Boobie Trap @ Chest Treasures

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Barely There Underwear

Blog by Ishmael Sands

JSTYLE has a nice underwear gift package for the guys, shown below, and of course Alli&Ali Designs has a cool hair for the guys.  And then there's a very cool underwear Dare2Bare Hunt gift underwear out there for the guy, too.  I like the mint green, and there's a pretty lingerie outfit in there for the ladies, as well.


CB~Dare to Bare Mint male underwear set by Carries Dreams,
*SKIN EROS* 3 by JSTYLE, A&A Jett Hair Ash Brown by Alli&Ali Designs

Skin & Underwear Outfit m:  *SKIN EROS* 3, from GIFT JSTYLE pack GIFT JSTYLE MAN COMPLETE OUTFIT GRAY (group join L$0), found @ ::JSTYLE STORE:: 1:

Underwear m:  CB~Dare to Bare Mint male underwear set (L$0), found @ Carrie's Lingerie Mainstore @ Carries Dreams:

Hair m:  A&A Jett Hair Ash Brown, Voting Present m (2nd Aug. 2013) (L$0), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

Amazonna Laced Up and Tickled Pink

Blogged by Annabella Noel

I stopped by BoobieLicious to check it out and found this cute little boobie-friendly mini dress group gift.  I thought you might like to see it, too.  Well, this week's voting gift hair at AllI&Ali Designs didn't disappoint me, either, and neither did the group member gift box they just put out, today, at JSTYLE's.  Go get yours!

 { BoobieLicious } Group Gift July w/appliers

A&A Marayke Hair Dark Brown (w/red tint), by Alli&Ali Designs,

Outfit:  { BoobieLicious } Group Gift July w/appliers (group join L$0), found @ BobieLicious Mainstore:

Hair f:  A&A Marayke Hair Dark Brown (w/red tint (previously blogged by Julya), Voting Present f (16th Aug 2013), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

Skin f:  *SKIN AMAZONNA* 2, found in GIFT JSTYLE pack GIFT SEXY OUTFIT JEANS + TANGO JSTYLE (w/appliers) (group join L$0), found @ ::JSTYLE STORE:: 1:

Custom Periwinkle

Custom Inkz came up with a great gift for the Dare2Bare 5 Hunt.  They give you not one but 2 boobies shirt & short shorts. Don't miss this #25.

The hair and skin has been blogged previously, the skin of course is from my great friend PixyStix.  She is estatic about my new boob job, just thought I'd share hahaha.  Anyway, the hair is just another way you can wear the fabulous Abbie the D2B gift from Tameless.

Skin: Penelope (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #2) @ PixyStix

Hair: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Outfit: Periwinkle (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 25) @ Custom Inkz

Monday, August 19, 2013

Titty Punx

I have blogged the skin & hair a few times.  The hair is from Tameless my most favorite hair store of SL. I just adore this skin from Panda Punx.

And one of my favorite gifts, is this bra & panty set from Que Bella, I've been on a bit of a punk kick and this is right up my alley.

I have recently bought boobies so this is what that shape looks like with boobies, enjoy!

Shape: Thea (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 1) @ Shame Me Designs

Skin: (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 23) @ Panda Punx

Hair: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Outfit: Punk Skulls (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 60) @ Que Bella

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Something With A Twist

Guess what fuckers!!! I got me some boobies!!!  So I will be blogging both boobie friendly & regular clothing alike.  This is my first boobie post.  Hope you like.

A&A put this hair out as a freebie this week, its last weeks winner in their voting contest.  If you don't know about it already its the thing I was babbling about 2 weeks ago, and bugging the shit out of people to come and vote for that punk hair.  This is the hair that one afterwards.  And I put in my own submission this week, and it has more hits then all the rest like tons more so I think I'm gonna get that too WOOOT!  Anyway, if you got a minute go and vote for it.  It's the hair on the top row 3 hair.  The only really gothy one there.  And I will blog it when its available next Friday.

Sooo. I broke down and got boobies, so this is the first outfit that I found that I liked on Marketplace so I'm showing it to you.

The skin is new from PixyStix, finally I can use those appliers instead of trashing them.  Lord do I regret trashing them now.

Outfit: Leather Top 1L by Mystique @ Marketplace

Hair: Marayke (Free) @ A&A

Skin: Penelope (Group Gift, Free) @ PixyStix

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Love Pixystix Candy

This bikini is really cute =) It even comes with matching spike shoes & bows.  It is also boobie friendly.

Remember that PixyStix is having a 10 piece mini hunt @ her location.  She has spread out a full fatpack around her land.

This is another version of the Abby hair.  It comes with a hud and you can change it in several different colors.

Skin: Penelope (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #2) @ PixyStix

Hair: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Bikini & Shoes: Pink (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 48) @ Telika Candy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lovin Latex!

Lovin' Latex is inspired by items found from the Dare2Bare Hunt. 
I hope you enjoy and perhaps even incorporate these into your own wardrobes.
This is definitely an eye catching ensemble sure to turn heads and get you all kinds of attention.

The Hair has comes from Calico Creations; Larya in Naturals. 
The color change Hud allow you to choose from a variety of colors. 
The flexy design let's the hair flow naturally and has that 'wild side' look to it.
My skin and shape comes from Hush; the August group gift. It's one I use frequently. The red lips on this skin compliments my hair wonderfully. 
My Breasts are also ones I've featured before and will often in the future
VStrings X_x Evo in Cleavage.  

The eyes I chose for 'Lovin' Latex' is from a store new to me that I found on Marketplace. 
[Anara] Gloss Eyes in "Grape Bubblegum" 
They aren't prim or mesh eyes, but have a lot of life to them.
The Collar comes from an amazing designer Lokii Violet; Owner of Malfean Visions. 
You can fish this item up along with the rest of the "Spectre Outfit" Just bring your fishing pole.
It's a delicious mesh piece that hugs your neck perfectly like a second skin and the spikes give it that needed edgy look.

The outfit I'm wearing is from the Dare2Bare hunt, and without it, I would have never come across this hidden Gem. 
[Moyet] marries Mesh and Latex together in the best of ways and to make it even better?
Appliers for Tangos. Oh yes.  What more could you possibly ask for????
To top the outfit off, I decided to showcase another hidden Gem I never knew about.
KCreations has these adorable latex ankle boots. 
They are modifiable, so make a copy in case you need to adjust. 
Hair - Calico Creations @ Calico Kitty -
Eyes - [Anara] @ Marketplace -
Collar - Malfean Visions @ Gwen -

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

Alright shoppers, it's summer time!
So why not relax on the beach and look good doing it?!

With this Fun in the Sun look, you'll be sure to turn heads and in the best of ways. Featuring some pieces from the Dare2Bare Hunt and other designers including ~*By Snow*~, Calico, ~Pin Me Up~  and Hush, you're sure to look your best no matter the occasion. 

The Skin is the August group gift from Hush called Summer and I chose to spotlight the Honey skin tone with the no cleavage option.  (yes she has appliers for every skin tone that you can get separately as a bundle. One applier for every tone with cleavage and none in the pack)

This hair is also from the Dare2Bare Hunt, and it's from Calico. I haven't been there in awhile, so it was definitely nice to have it as one of my many stops on this great hunt. It comes with a hud allowing you to change the color to one of your favorite shades.  Stop number 70 on the Hunt so if you happened to give up sooner, definitely go pick it up.

If you're like me and you're always looking for new eyes, you really don't want to miss out on these. They come from ~*By Snow*~ in a variety of shades and each one looks amazing. I just hope you're able to catch the detail in these pictures. I chose to wear the base and the small eyes as they fit me best. This particular shade is Sky *squee!*

What woman doesn't want to show off their bod with an amazing bikini when the mood hits? Well ladies you will definitely not go wrong when you pick up this hot number out of the Dare2Bare hunt. Make sure you stop by ModiaMia, stop number 54 so if you haven't been.... you should!

One more thing for you amateur and professional photographers out there... Even the poses I played with for this post are part of the Dare2Bare hunt as well! Mmmhmm so run on down to ~Pin Me Up~ and snag it. There's also a free gift pose as well for you to take home with you. (Stop number 67~)

Can Larya Be Tamed?

When my sister informed me that the slurl for #66 The Little Bat was broken I freaked.  Apparently it was a blogger glitch.  But anyway here is the kick ass gift they are offering for the hunt.  Sexy spikes & all.  The slurl has now been corrected on the blog.  So if you missed out or just didn't bother because it was too much hassle.  I implore you to go hunt for it.  Or you'll be the one missing out.

Hair & skin has been used several times for blogging =)  Info below.

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 70) @

Skin: Girl NextDoor Paech (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Outfit:  Tamed (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 66) @ The Little Bat

Monday, August 12, 2013


There are so many great items on the Dare2Bare 5 Hunt.  They just keep getting better & better.  This outfit is one of my top 5 favs though.  I wear the shit out of it.  You can wear just the high waisted shorts or you can put the cute netting to give it the full look.

The other 2 items I have blogged several times, the skin from Drop Dead Gorgeous & the hair from Calico.

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 70) @

Skin: Girl NextDoor Paech (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Outfit: Dare2Bare (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 49) @ Pretty N Pink

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Look good as ice during the Summer in Cool Beauty

Cool Beauty is sure to make you smile as she walks in.  This one features a fairly dark skin from a little store called Avea // Heartsick.  While Heartsick Skins is only upon the MP, you can go inworld and grab this awesome little Group Gift.  It features lovely artwork about the eyes.

The top is from an outfit from Purple Candy, featured in the Dare2Bare hunt.  Now mind you there is more to this outfit, like an awesome pair of shorts but I used the shirt.

Skirt is from the awesome place I found upon the MP called ++R++.  Mesh and flowing great with the body it also comes with a HUD that gives you 8colors and 5sizes.

Hair is Abbie and its from Tameless, once again featured in the Dare2Bare hunt.  I just really like this one so I use it alot ^-^

Now the shoes are also part of an outfit from Nicclas Design also featured in the Dare2Bare hunt.  The whole outfit is just lovely but these shoes speak for themselves I would think.

Hair :: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Skin :: Paris GG @ Avea//Heartsick

Shirt :: I Dare You (Dare2Bare 5 Stop #26) @ Purple Candy

Shoes :: Dare2Bare 5 Stop #20 @ Nicclas Designs

Skirt :: Micromini @ ++R++

Feeling Equally As Sassy!

I just love when a store has 2 or more things to blog that are free.  It gives me a chance to talk my bestie, Charity out of her house and blog with me.  We are both wearing equally as sexy outfits from 2 different hunts from Sassy.  One is from Dare2Bare the other from the Bleeping Bunny Hunt.

Both the hairs we are blogging have been blogged since the Dare2Bare Hunt has started.  One is from Tameless on the right, and Calico on the left.

We are using the same skin to show what the skins look like on different shapes.

She got her shoes from Quirks a store on MP and I got mine from the # 38th stop on the Dare2Bare hunt.

Julya is wearing...

Skin: Girl NextDoor Paech (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 70) @

Shoes: Lexi Peri (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 38) @ Latreia Foot Fashion

Dress: Lethal Embrace (Bleeping Bunny Hunt) @ Sassy

Charity is wearing...

Skin: Girl NextDoor Paech (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hair: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Dress: Dare Gown (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 69) @ Sassy

Shoes: Sai (Plum) by Quirks @ Marketplace

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dare2Bare - EmoCutie Combo

I thought since I recently have gotten into wearing the Vstring Mesh Boobs I would make my first post including these.  EmoCutie is a look put together with a main part coming from the Dare2Bare hunt that is on going.  Que Bella has always been a favorite store of mine to go to for appliers; her outfits supporting a wide variety of Breasts.  Vstring works well with any Lola Tango Applier as well!

The skin is from another awesome store!  Hush!  Hush offers an applier pack.  Now while this is not free itself...once you have it, it works with ALL of her skins.  Including new releases.  And her current GG, worn in this picture, is breath taking.  Images of a girl on a beach come to mind.

The hair, oh I can't say enough about this.  Also from the Dare2Bare hunt, Abbie from Tameless is sure to please.  Found in the Fantasy Pack you will be sure to stand out in this flexi/mesh combo!

And last but not least, alittle splash of style here and there.  Make up from Glamorize.  Adding a splash of sass to the already adorable look.  And then a simple starry leg tattoo from K&L gives it a look all its own.

Hair :: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Outfit :: Chillin~Punk Skulls (Dare2Bare 5 Stop # 60) @ !Q.B!

Feeling A Bit Naughty

Each year we get so many new hunters for the Dare2Bare hunt.  So bringing people back from previous hunts give them another opportunity to be discovered.  Blue Wave is a fantastic store.  The owner is super sweet.  She first put this outfit out with no appliers, but after hearing that others have done it.  She jumped right on it and made appliers for this really sexy outfit.  It comes with all you see & a pair of shoes that were not blogged. (I personally HATE shoes.)

I've blogged the hair before you can get it @ Calico's.

And the skin, I've done the skin a few times now.  It's just flawless.

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #70) @ Calico's

Skin: Girl Next Door (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Outfit: Naughty (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 79) @ Blue Wave

Friday, August 9, 2013

D2B Goes Custom

There are so many amazing gifts on this hunt, its hard to pick what one to blog next.

One of my favorite stores that have been with Dare2Bare since the first one is Custom Inkz.  I found them a long time ago when I was looking for something patriotic for my solider.  I just had to have them for my hunt.  They are back again and of course did not disappoint.  You can get this outfit on stop #25.

Tameless is gone of my favorite places, I blog them constantly.  If SL had a stock exchange, I would be rolling in dough.  Anyway you can pick up this awesome set hair, she is giving out the fantasy colors of this months group gift.  Of course I'm always partial to DEEP red.  You can get this on stop #18.

The owner of Panda Punx is a good friend of mine, so it's a given that she would involved.  Her skins is awesome.  Stop by #23 to get this special D2B skin.

Outfit: Periwinkle (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 25) @ Custom Inkz

Hair: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Skin: (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 23) @ Panda Punx

Larya Is Pretty In Pink

So I thought I'd do a post of the Dare2Bare hunt.  It's spreading like a virus.  

Blonde&Blonde is one of 5 of our lovely sponsors for the hunt.  They put out this hot pink top.

The shape is from my store Shame Me Designs.  I also put in a boobie friendly version as well.

PixyStix went all out for this hunt.  She took a fatpack spread it out throughout the store like a pinata exploded.  You're searching for 10 yes 10 hunt objects.  Skin I'm wearing is 2 of 10.

Kenndey's has the most awesome skirt ever (I suggest spilling M&M in front of your man in this skirt =P).  There is a color hud which you can make the skirt ANY color you desire.

Calico put this great hair out, it comes with a sizing script & color hud.  

Shape: Thea (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #1) @ Shame Me Designs

Skin: Penelope (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #2) @ PixyStix

Shirt: Hot Mess Bustier (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #5) @ Blonde&Blonde

Skirt: Skimpy Skirt (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #46) @ Kennedy's

Hair: Larya (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop #70) @ Calico's

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thea's Drop Dead Gorgeous

As most of you know I have been working my ass off on getting the Dare2Bare 5 Hunt off the ground.  So here it is day 3 1/2.  So I had a minute to take a pic and show you some of the things you can pick up along the way.  That and I wanted to thank all the fantastic designers that take their time out to participate.  This hunt in particular turned out just fucking amazing.

Tameless put this hair out called, Abbie, it comes with a hud that gives you several fantasy choices.

The shape is from Shame Me Designs, my shape shop.  I have included a boobie friendly version as well, for all you boobie girls out there.

Drop Dead Gorgeous is just that.  One amazing newer skin stores that I have found out on the grid.  They charge very little for the high quality you will receive.

1 Hundred was fantastic when coming up with this design.  She put both black & white version out for the hunt.  And best of all, its boobie friendly.  It's definitely an outfit you would have to dare 2 bare in.

Hair: Abbie (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 18) @ Tameless

Shape: Thea (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 1) @ Shame Me Designs

Skin: Girl Next Door (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 11) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Lingerie: Passion Panties (Dare2Bare 5 Hunt Stop # 80) @ 1 Hundred