Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LC for Free!

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Now, .:LC Fashion:. has a cute little number for you for free.  You can't beat that, now, can you?  You can find this charming group gift gown at the landing point outside the front door.  Go get yours!

 .:LC:. Fashion Elks Evening Gown with Applier green

Gown:  .:LC:. Elks Evening Gown with Applier green (group gift L$0), found @ ! LC Fashion Mainstore - D&L Ballroom:

Hair F:  A&A Maybell Hair Raspberry, (1 of lots of hairs all in one box [previously blogged] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs @ Hair Fair 2 - Port - Info and Landing Piont:

Skin F:  *SKIN DORIS* 5, from GIFT JSTYLE Avatar pack "GIFT JSTYLE yELLOW (group join L$0 [previously blogged] )," found @ ::JSTYLE STORE::1, Bylot: 

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