Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dangerously Sexy!

Blog by Ishmael Sands

Stopped by [BiJOU&T], today, and picked up a couple of things for the guys (although they have some stuff for the girls, too).  Just look and see if dangerously sexy doesn't fit the bill.  Got L$150 gift card as a group gift from them, too.  I'm gonna keep an eye on these guys, for sure. :-)  The boxers have 3 different looks to them (with or without tattoo), and the pants have a couple of different looks to them, as well.  The hair is from Alli&Ali Designs, and the skin is from JSTYLE, of course.

 [BiJOU&T] Male Boxers Pack [pink],
A&A Brian Hair Caramel by Alli&Ali Designs,

<B&T>.: Dangerous Sexy Jeans!

Boxers:  [BiJOU&T] Male Boxers Pack [pink] (Group Gift, join L$0), found @ [BiJOU&T] Designs!:

Ripped Jeans:.<B&T>.: Dangerous Sexy Jeans! (Group Gift, join L$0), found @ [BiJOU&T] Designs!:

Hair M:  A&A Brian Hair Caramel, (Groupie Present m (19th July 2013 [group join L$0] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs New Mainstore:

Skin m:  *SKIN SERRAO* HB HUNT found in Avatar pack GIFT MESH MAN JSTYLE (group gift L$0, join L$0), found @ ::JSTYLE STORE::1, Blot:

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