Friday, May 31, 2013

What Great Poise

Normally blogging the last days of the month is pretty hard, because designers only have a day or so before they change their gifts.  But fortunately I found some group gifts that work great together.  So enjoy.

Shine has a group gift out called Oggy it is for May & June.  They put a few options in there for you to customize it to be you.  There is freckles, teeth and even a shape (not shown). So if you haven't picked up yet go grab it. =)

Snapshot Marsala is the name of the hair.  It is one of several hairs put out for free on the beach in a bubble @ Analog Dog.

Poise put their June group gift out early.  To me it looks like Captain America & Green Arrow got together and made clothing.  It's all mesh.

Skin: Oggy (Group Gift, Free) @ Shine
Outfit: Nap (Group Gift, Free) @ Poise
Shape: Jadelynn (MM Board, Lucky Board) @ Shame Me Designs

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