Monday, May 20, 2013

The Living Broken Doll

There is SOOOO much going on @ PixyStix I could sit here and talk about it all day.  But we talk about freebies around here right?  Well here you go... She has made 2 MM board exclusives, this one called Scaled and the other is the same skin tone just with different make up so you'll have to go to shop to see that one.  Anyway...this skin can be yours for 42 slaps.  It's NOT group so it should be an easy get.  

Another addition she has come up with is there is a shack to the right of the enterance with lucky board in them.  One board has the top and the other has the skirt.  The top is boobie friendly and the skirt is mesh.  They flip every 5 minutes.

The hair is one of the 3 new hairs Tameless has put up recently in their lucky chairs.  The hair hud supports her unique red colors.

Hair: Yvonne (Lucky Chair, Free) @ Tameless
Top: Twinkle (Lucky Board, Free, 5 Minutes) @ PixyStix
Skirt: Tutu Foo (Black/Pink) (Lucky Board, Free, 5 Minutes) @ PixyStix
Skin: Scaled (MM Board, 42 hits, Free) @ PixyStix

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