Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Color Of Envy

I love when I travel to a store looking for the group gift and I can't find it.  Then finding something really nice anyway.  As I was approaching the sale section at NMD.  I found a row of lucky chairs, and as I was walking by a J popped up. WoooHooo for me, I snagged it and here it is.  It comes with the turtle neck.  And really low dipped back.

Mina Hair still has the group gift Amber out.  It comes in many colors.  The package you want will be on the right.  VIP group gift is on the left, which I believe has a 200L tag price.

I'm having a hard time taking this new skin I found off.  It is from Liliskins, the owner also owns Calla hair.  Many skin tones to choose from.

Dress: Envy (Lucky Chair, Free) @ NMD
Skin: May - Emerald -Ivory (Group Gift, Free) @ Liliskins
Hair: Amber (Group Gift, Free) @ Mina

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