Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not So Innocent

So I'm loving these boobie stores that are popping out everywhere.  I remember when they were far and few between.   I have heard a lot of them, but then in one of my several groups I heard this store Aqua Kisses being mentioned.  I sprung to go check it out.  When I landed there is a vendor just to the right that has 9 different group gifts inside.  I flipped through them all and this one caught my eye.  It's their Valentine's Day gift.  It comes with the cami and the matching panties.

Ladonna is another one of the hairs that you can find in the free bubble on the beach of Analog Dog.

I like to explore around and find shops that are not too many stream.  So in my travels I run across a store called -Skins- and they give out a 3 skin fatpack of this cute skin that went perfect with the outfit.  You will land @ Purple Poses, you can either wait for the teleport board rezz and hit the skin section or you can walk to your right, and you will walk right into it.

Lingerie: Innocence Valentine (Group Gift, Free) @ Aqua Kisses
Skin: Naomi (Group Gift, Free) @ -Skins-
Hair: Ladonna (Free) @ Analog Dog

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