Friday, May 31, 2013

What Great Poise

Normally blogging the last days of the month is pretty hard, because designers only have a day or so before they change their gifts.  But fortunately I found some group gifts that work great together.  So enjoy.

Shine has a group gift out called Oggy it is for May & June.  They put a few options in there for you to customize it to be you.  There is freckles, teeth and even a shape (not shown). So if you haven't picked up yet go grab it. =)

Snapshot Marsala is the name of the hair.  It is one of several hairs put out for free on the beach in a bubble @ Analog Dog.

Poise put their June group gift out early.  To me it looks like Captain America & Green Arrow got together and made clothing.  It's all mesh.

Skin: Oggy (Group Gift, Free) @ Shine
Outfit: Nap (Group Gift, Free) @ Poise
Shape: Jadelynn (MM Board, Lucky Board) @ Shame Me Designs

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dance With The Dead

I first ran over to Lapointe & Bastchild to grab this adorable dress.  The details is fantastic.  It also comes with nylons.  You can choose from a few different colors.  Lapointe & Bastchild has an entire room of gothic clothing.  Take some time to explore.  There is some guy stuff there as well.

So once I saw this dress, the first thing that popped into my head was the skin from Angeldust.  I slapped on the pale version of the group gift and bam, damn do I look sexy =P.

Don't forget that Damselfly is having a 50% off in store only sale.  It ends June 14th.  This hair is Felicity which is the free gift they have out for the ladies.  Although they also have a hair out for the guys.  They offer a fatpack so you get the hair in every color imaginable.

Skin: Mel (Pale) (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust
Hair: Felicity (Ruby Twilight Blend) (Free) @ Damselfly
Dress: Wicked Noir (Free) @ Lapointe & Bastchild

Monday, May 27, 2013

You Keep It Movin'

The detail on this lace outfit is amazing.  And they add a cute little touch too it by putting prim ribbons on the side.  You can get this and another gift (not shown) @ the front desk of Movin'.

Ladonna is just one of the many hairs that are free on the beach in the bubble @ Analog Dog.

The skin is from Hush. Their current group gift.

Skin: Spring (Group Gift, Free) @ Hush
Hair: Ladonna (Free) @ Analog Dog
Lingerie: April VIP Gift (Group Gift, Free) @ Movin'

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mel's A Pretty Dollie

So I got a notecard from Dollie saying that they have a new mainstore.  I have never been there before so I love to run and check out the stores I haven't heard of before.  I went to their group gift section and picked up this older hunt gift I missed out on.  How I could have missed this I have no idea.  I'm drooling over the texture.  It fits perfectly, and moves great, being its mesh.

And one of my favorite skins stores put out another group gift.  It comes in 4 different tones and cleavage options.  She's called Mel, and is just hawt.

I tinted one of the hairs I got from the bubble on the beach from Analog Dog.

Skin: Mel (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust
Dress: Black & Red Corset Dress (Group Gift, Free) @ Dollie
Hair: Tantrum House (Free) @ Analog Dog

On My Way

Today is the last day for this shape up @ my shop, Shame Me Designs. In 24 hours this shape will be switched out to something else.  It only takes 13 slaps, and I will force it if I'm around.  Jadelynn is a smaller person.  Would even work for a child avi, she is only 5'5", as it is mod/copy.

When I saw this dress the first thing to come to mind was this really cute skin I found @ Lilskin's.  It has really cute green eye shadow, and when you get the group gift there are a few different tones in there to choose from.

Bob is the name of the haircut I'm wearing.  You can get it in the bag on the counter between the two ads in the free section.  Each hair has a fatpack of colors in it.

Glow Designs has put out this dress in their scribo.  It is part mesh, but the top is boobie friendly.

Dress: Green Posh Lace (Scribo Gift) @ Glow Designs
Shape: Jadelynn (MM, 13 Slaps, Free) @ Shame Me Designs
Hair: Bob (Ink) @ Lamb
Skin: May - Emerald -Beige (Group Gift, Free) @ Liliskins

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Even Wayward Angels Get Lucky

Just giving a little preview of what you can expect when the Dare2Bare Hunt # 5 comes to you in August.  Yes, I have been pre-planning & hand-picking each store.  I found this great shop when I was wandering around over a year ago.  It's great that it is still around and going to participate in the hunt.  While I was there recently I really wanted to lock this board.  Well, the board locked woohoo and then it was my lucky day because my letter came up in the lucky board in the back.  And I received the outfit below.  Shorts & long sleeve half top, I love both.

If you don't know already this great brown hair is in the scribo @ Chichickie's.

The skin is from Al Vulo.  It was last months skin but it's still up there =).

Skin: Aisha (Barbie) (Group Gift, Free) @  Al Vulo
Outfit: Dubstepper Teal (Lucky Board, Free) @ Wayward Angels Reunited
Hair: Jacinta (Scribo) @ ChiChickie

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

KDee's Designs Is Back Baby

I'm so glad that KDee's opened back up.  It was a sad day when it closed a while back.  It was a store that I use to go to every day for their MM board back in the day.  Anyway this is now and they are back.  They have a few group gifts out, so I gathered a few of them together and bam here they are.  This simple but sexy shirt comes with a mesh collar and its BOOBIE friendly.  The sweat pants are mesh and I'm just a sucker for a good sporty sweat pants.  

The hair is one of the 3 hairs that you can snag if you sit long enough @ Tameless, it actually doesn't take too long to get them.  And as always Tameless fucking rocks.

Hush is great @ getting into detail with their skins.  It's one of the places I run to around the first of every month just to see what they are coming up with next.  I am never disappointed.

Shirt: White Short Top (Group Gift, Free) @ KDee's Design
Pants: Sweat Pants (Group Gift, Free) @ KDee's Design
Skin: Spring (Group Gift, Free) @ Hush
Hair: Beatice (Lucky Chair, Free) @ Tameless

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Living Broken Doll

There is SOOOO much going on @ PixyStix I could sit here and talk about it all day.  But we talk about freebies around here right?  Well here you go... She has made 2 MM board exclusives, this one called Scaled and the other is the same skin tone just with different make up so you'll have to go to shop to see that one.  Anyway...this skin can be yours for 42 slaps.  It's NOT group so it should be an easy get.  

Another addition she has come up with is there is a shack to the right of the enterance with lucky board in them.  One board has the top and the other has the skirt.  The top is boobie friendly and the skirt is mesh.  They flip every 5 minutes.

The hair is one of the 3 new hairs Tameless has put up recently in their lucky chairs.  The hair hud supports her unique red colors.

Hair: Yvonne (Lucky Chair, Free) @ Tameless
Top: Twinkle (Lucky Board, Free, 5 Minutes) @ PixyStix
Skirt: Tutu Foo (Black/Pink) (Lucky Board, Free, 5 Minutes) @ PixyStix
Skin: Scaled (MM Board, 42 hits, Free) @ PixyStix

1920 Called...

I think lady mob outfits are so cute.  And to show some skin woot!!  You can get this and many other outfits when you travel to Bas & Jaz Designs, they have several lucky chairs and boards around all you  to do is be a member and bam..collect them all.

If you don't already know yet Chichickie has sent out a gift you can pick up when your being the scribo.

With so many paler skins out its nice to find this darker one @ Angeldust.  It has a darker tone and you can see all the great detail.

Hair: Jacinta (Scribo) @ ChiChickie
Outfit: Sexy Lady Mobster (Lucky Board, Group, Free) @ Bas & Jaz Design
Skin: Soukeyna (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust

Friday, May 17, 2013

Magenta Sky

Blogged by Annabella Noel

I thought I'd stop by LC Fashion, today, and I'm glad I did because they have this great group gift evening gown out for May, and I found a beautiful diamond ring there for only L$1--such a deal!  The lovely skin is the Alyce May group gift for :NBGG:, and the hair is Alli&Ali's voting gift, at the moment.

 .:LC. Princess Evening Gown w. Applier red

.:LC:. Trust Diamond Ring

:NBGG: Alyce May GROUP GIFT skin, & A&A Elise Hair Toast

:Long Gown:  .:LC. Princess Evening Gown w. Applier red (group join L$0, May gift), found @ ! LC Fashion Mainstore - D&L Ballroom:

Jewelry:  .:LC:. Trust Diamond Ring (L$1), found @ LC Fashion Mainstore - D&L Ballroom:

Skin F:  :NBGG: Alyce May GROUP GIFT (group join L$0), found @ Nvious by GG & SuperModel Essentiais:

Hair:  A&A Elise Hair Toast, Voting Present f (10th May 2013), found @ Alli&Ali New Mainstore - Hair:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pretty As A Pearl

Orsini has many gifts on the ground.  Just grab a group gift and pick up all the goodies.  This outfit is called Tiana.  And its a really pretty mesh dress.

I blogged the skin earlier today but thought it was perfect with this getup.

Tameless changed the gifts they have in their lucky chair, this is one of the 3 I saw while I was there.  As always they are just gorgeous.

Hair: Pearl (Lucky Chair, Free  5 Minutes) @ Tameless
Skin: Alba (Group Gift, Free) @ Taps
Dress: Tiana (Group Gift, Free) @ Orisini

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just Another Street Girl

So I'm living on the streets and need new clothes.  I ran to Dark Side to grab this great baggy outfit, and my luck it was free, along with some other free stuff there. 

Taps has this skin out for free just grab the group tag and its yours.

The hair is from Ari.  It's still on the lucky board.  Get a few friends together and flip those letters.  It also comes with a piece that goes in the mouth.

Outfit: Street Girl (Free) @ Dark Side
Skin: Alba (Group Gift, Free) @ Taps
Hair: Maria (Lucky Board, Free) @ Ari

Brazen Hussie

So as usual I keep a few of my favorite groups up for the chat.  I'm also famous for profile perving.  I checked out this one profile and saw that their stores name was Brazen Hussie.  Of course I had to go check it out.  Heading over there, I grabbed the group gift, and its a cute animal print dress.  It's also boobie friendly.

Amelia is a group gift, available by Yoon Beauty.

The hair is one of my favorites which has been a group gift for some time.  I will keep bloggin it as long as they have it up for free =).

Dress: Brazens Hussie Group Gift (Group Gift, Free) @ Brazen Hussies
Skin: Amelia (Group Gift, Free) @ Yoon Beauty
Hair: Venus (Group Gift, Free) @ Salon de Glow

The Golden Touch

Blogged by Annabella Noel

I made my usual, daily stop by JSTYLE and found this lovely female Avatar and dress set that you really have to go and grab.  It's got everything but the hair (I only wear my own shape, but it's got a shape in there for you, too).  The hair is from Alli&Ali's front desk current group gift.


A&A Elise Hair Raspberry, by Alli&Ali

Avatar F:  GIFT JSTYLE:  GIFT SEXY OUTFIT GOLD JSTYLE pack ( [shape not shown] group join L$0), found @ ::JSTYLE STORE:: 1, Bylot:

Hair:  A&A Elise Hair Raspberry, Groupie Present f (10th May 2013 [join L$0] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

Spring Fairy

Yeah, yeah, I know...Where the hell have we been??....Well the answer is Total Anarchy.  Total Anarchy is a new view on a discount room.  It's not your mama's discount room.  Yes everything is @ COST.  But that is what has been taking up all of our time.  It opens up July 5, and more details to come.

Anyway...On to the show...

Since I was full of destruction and mayhem I thought I'd start off with a soft gentle post.  This cute purple fairy outfit is just the ticket.  You can grab this adorable dress as a group gift from Pretty N Pink.  Well right now I feel Pretty N Purple.

The skin is the group gift from Hush called Spring.

And this gorgeous walnut mesh hair is from the scribo gift from ChiChickie.

Dress: Strapless Fairy (Group Gift, Free) @ Pretty N Pink
Hair: Jacinta (Scribo) @ ChiChickie
Skin: Spring (Group Gift, Free) @ Hush

Monday, May 6, 2013


Blog by Ishmael Sands

You fellas really should stop by :..SANTO..: because they have a whole bunch of really cool free clothes, tennis shoes (lots), boots, and male Avatars there.  All you have to do is join the group for free and pick it all up.  It's a very generous place, and I'm sure you'll be happy you decided to stop by.

 :..SANTO..: Ron_Avatar, & :..SANTO..: Mute_Short (MESH)

:..SANTO..: Kaito_Avatar

 :..SANTO..: Richard_Avatar

:..SANTO..: 8_T_Shirts (Shirt_Mr [this frame] & Shirt Olive [frame 6] worn),
:..SANTO..:  Clay_Jeans ///3_Colors (dark blue [this frame] & light blue MESH [frame 6] worn)

:..SANTO..: FIELD_JACKET (MESH), &  :..SANTO..: Sweatpant_Yellow (MESH)

:..SANTO..: 8_T_Shirts (Shirt_Mr [frame 4] & Shirt Olive [this frame] worn),
:..SANTO..:  Clay_Jeans ///3_Colors (dark blue [frame 4] & light blue (MESH) [this frame] worn)


:..SANTO..:  CHUCKS_Galaxy


Skin 1:  :..SANTO..: Ron_Avatar (Afro-American male) (always use own shape but there's one in package [group gift, join L$0] ), found @ SANTO:

Skin 2:  :..SANTO..: Kaito_Avatar (Asian male) (always use own shape but there's one in package [group join L$0] ), found in Lucky Letter box @ SANTO:

Skin 3:  :..SANTO..: Richard_Avatar (White male) (always use own shape but there's one in package [group join L$0] ), found in Lucky Letter box @ SANTO:

Short:  :..SANTO..: Mute_Short (group gift, join L$0), found @ SANTO:

T-Shirts:  :..SANTO..: 8_T_Shirts (Shirt_Mr & Shirt Olive worn) (Current monthly group gift, join L$0), found @ SANTO:

Jeans:  :..SANTO..:  Clay_Jeans ///3_Colors (dark blue & light blue worn)* MESH (group gift, join L$0), found @ SANTO:

Jacket:  :..SANTO..: FIELD_JACKET (group gift, join L$0), found @ SANTO:

Sweats:  :..SANTO..: Sweatpant_Yellow (group gift, join L$0), found @ SANTO:

Boots:  :..SANTO..:  HOOL_BOOTS, (group gift, join L$0), found @ SANTO:

Shoes:  :..SANTO..:  CHUCKS_Galaxy, (group gift, join L$0), found @ SANTO:

Hair:  A&A Wando Hair Dark Brown, Voting Present m (19th April 2013 [previously blogged] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not So Innocent

So I'm loving these boobie stores that are popping out everywhere.  I remember when they were far and few between.   I have heard a lot of them, but then in one of my several groups I heard this store Aqua Kisses being mentioned.  I sprung to go check it out.  When I landed there is a vendor just to the right that has 9 different group gifts inside.  I flipped through them all and this one caught my eye.  It's their Valentine's Day gift.  It comes with the cami and the matching panties.

Ladonna is another one of the hairs that you can find in the free bubble on the beach of Analog Dog.

I like to explore around and find shops that are not too many stream.  So in my travels I run across a store called -Skins- and they give out a 3 skin fatpack of this cute skin that went perfect with the outfit.  You will land @ Purple Poses, you can either wait for the teleport board rezz and hit the skin section or you can walk to your right, and you will walk right into it.

Lingerie: Innocence Valentine (Group Gift, Free) @ Aqua Kisses
Skin: Naomi (Group Gift, Free) @ -Skins-
Hair: Ladonna (Free) @ Analog Dog

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Color Of Envy

I love when I travel to a store looking for the group gift and I can't find it.  Then finding something really nice anyway.  As I was approaching the sale section at NMD.  I found a row of lucky chairs, and as I was walking by a J popped up. WoooHooo for me, I snagged it and here it is.  It comes with the turtle neck.  And really low dipped back.

Mina Hair still has the group gift Amber out.  It comes in many colors.  The package you want will be on the right.  VIP group gift is on the left, which I believe has a 200L tag price.

I'm having a hard time taking this new skin I found off.  It is from Liliskins, the owner also owns Calla hair.  Many skin tones to choose from.

Dress: Envy (Lucky Chair, Free) @ NMD
Skin: May - Emerald -Ivory (Group Gift, Free) @ Liliskins
Hair: Amber (Group Gift, Free) @ Mina

Stranded On Earth

There are things to say about being stranded on an island.  The bikini is just darling.  It has cute peak loops and sexy back.  

Liliskin is a great skin you can get being a member of the group.  It comes in a fatpack of skin tones. 

Analog Dog still have this cute hair in the bubble on the beach.

Skin: May - Emerald -Ivory (Group Gift, Free) @ Liliskins
Hair: Mint Earth (Free) @ Analog Dog
Outfit: Gift D (Free) @ Babygirlz

Lauren Is So Pretty

This is one of my favorite dresses that I have run across in the last month or so.  I love how it just drapes in the front.  It doesn't leave much to the imagination.  The back dips down right above the ass. You can get this and a guy outfit @ Spearsong as their group gift.

I went to the store Calla which is an older store that I haven't been too in ages.   I found a wall of their freebies, although they are a bit older, they still look good =).  Each hair that you snag is a fatpack with a big color selection.

Aimi skin store does realistic skins.  This cute skin is available for 1L to group members.

Dress: Green Clubby Halter Mini (Group Gift, Free) @ Spearsong
Skin: Lauren 1L (Group Gift, Free) @ Aimi
Hair: ImSoPreddy v2 Reds (Mahogany) (Free) @ Calla

Vintage Enchantment

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Have a couple more enchanting vintage outfits for you from BlueMoon Enterprise.  That place is really growing on me, for sure.

BMe Enchantment

BMe Miss Autumn Vintage Silver Storm, ankle boots included

Outfit 1:  BMe Enchantment (join group ***Fashion Trend*** L$0), found upstairs on a table @ BlueMoon Enterprise:

Outfit 2:  BMe Miss Autumn Vintage Silver Storm, ankle boots included (join group Gothic, Gorean, Medieval Advertising L$0) , found upstairs on a table @ BlueMoon Enterprise

Hair:  A&A Inova Hair Cinnamon, Voting Present f (3rd May 2013 [non-group voting gift, previously blogged] ), found @ Alli&Ali Mainstore:

Skin:  *SKIN OLY* 1, from GIFT JSTYLE Avatar gift pack GIFT SEXY OUTFIT BLACK JSTYLE (group join L$0 [previously blogged] ), found @ ::JSTYLE STORE::1, Bylot:

Pirate Women, the Wench, & the Victorian Lady

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Wandering around, I found a free female pirate clothes box at a place called The Winter Fox Tavern, so naturally I had to show the contents to you.  There were 2 pirate outfits and a Wench outfit in it, as you will see below.  There was another box (plenty for guys, too) of a Victorian female outfit there, too.  And, hey, Alli&Ali have a new hair voting non group gift out, as well.

 free pirate female clothes, by mikeD Streeter

of_purple pirate, by Arundelain Design

The Wench Dress, by Dianetta (dimawa.capalini)

Victorian Female Outfit, by Renate Marchionne

Outfit 1:  free pirate female clothes (bottom 2 outfits also in this box [non-join gift] ), found @ Winter Fox Tavern:

Outfit 2:  of_purple pirate (2nd outfit found in above box [non-join gift] ), found @ Winter Fox Tavern:

Outfit 3:  The Wench Dress (3rd outfit found in above box [non-join gift] ), found @ Winter Fox Tavern:

Outfit 4:  Victorian Female Outfit (non-join gift), found @ Winter Fox Tavern:

Hair:  A&A Inova Hair Cinnamon, Voting Present f (3rd May 2013 [non-group voting gift] ), found @ Alli&Ali Mainstore:

Skin:  *SKIN OLY* 1, from GIFT JSTYLE Avatar gift pack GIFT SEXY OUTFIT BLACK JSTYLE (group join L$0 [previously blogged] ), found @ ::JSTYLE STORE::1, Bylot:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Time In Venus

I love running around SL and just exploring.  In one of my journeys I found this great store called Nicclas.  The clothing is ultra hawt.  Plus, they have men stuff.  Which Ishmael blogged some of their stuff before.  Out 11 comes with necklace, bracelets, outfit, & shoes.  Everything is scripted to fit perfectly to you.

Hush put out their new skin for the month of May.  I am wearing the cream tone and its just perfect.  You get an entire fatpack of tones to choose from.

Salon de Glow still has one of my favorite hairs on their group gift.  

Skin: Spring (Group Gift, Free) @ Hush
Outfit: Out 11 (Group Giftboard, Free) @ Nicclas
Hair: Venus (Group Gift, Free) @ Salon de Glow