Sunday, April 7, 2013

Xbox & Bewbies

So Pixy has managed to combine the 2 things men love the most, well besides essentials (eating & sleeping).  If guys could play with our tits like video games everyone would win =P.  Anyway Pixy put out this cute little outfit.  Maybe we will be noticed by our men and the mistress the Xbox will be put on the shelf for once.  She as a really cute mushroom on the groin of the panties.  I've been hearing people for different groups ask about black skins, so when Pixy asked me what color she would put out, this is what she gave us.  Woot! Thanks Pixy.  The group is free to join, you'll get the outfit and skin together.  It comes with a lollipop.  Everyone needs a lollipop. All boobie friendly.

The hair base is from a place called Rerty, you can see the detail of it on the second pic.  It's really cool.

And the shape is my freebies gift to you @ my store, Shame Me Designs.

Hair: Free Hairbase (Group Gift, Free) @ Rerty Urban
Shape: Mercy (Free) @ Shame Me Designs
Skin & Outfit: April Group Gifts (Group Gift, Free) @ PixyStix

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