Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Love Took Me Shoppin'

I found a new method of blogging, I thought I would make mini stories to describe the merchandise.  Give me feedback to tell me what you think.

Last time Cara's boyfriend took her shopping.  She was able to pick up this great outfit & accessories from Nadia Fantasy Design.  It came with a tied top, jeans, necklace, a sweet watch & white shoes (not shown).   It was free for group members.

She thought it was time for a make over so she went to YS&YS to see what they had for their members.  And to her delight, she noticed that they put something new in their shop for them.  

Once she got her make up done she look off to Rosy Moods to get the newest hair style.

Hair: Myosotis (Free) @ Rosy Mood

Skin: MyLove (Group Gift, Free) @ YS&YS
Outfit: Midriff Girl (Group Gift, Free) @ Nadia Fantasy Design

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