Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm On Fire!

If you were to journey over to Beautiful Dirty Rich it would be WELL worth your while.  They have a huge package out.  There are 2 different style of dresses in the package.  But they are both fatpacks.  I chose this one to blog, but the other dress is sheer like 1/2 of this dress.  You can find it near the MM boards, its pretty easy to see.

I have blogged Anxiety, Candy Bitch, before as it was a group gift a while back.  But it is still available and thought I'd remind everyone =).

Totally diggin' on the group gift from A&A.  I love the shade of red.

Dress: Girl On Fire (Group Gift, Free) @ Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
Hair: Ramona (Group Gift, Free) @ A&A
Skin: Candy Bitch (Group Gift, Free) @ Anxiety

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