Monday, April 15, 2013

Don't Be Nvious, Your Body Is A Wonderland

So earlier last night I stopped by my sisters store to get the slurl for one of her amazing new releases she has out, if you wanna peek here you go: and I ran across an MM board with this outfit on it.  I so had to blog it.  It's still up so you should go slap this sexy outfit.  It comes with the bangles, normal top, mesh skirt, and necklace (not shown).  Also boobie friendly.

Grace is this months group gift out for Nvious.  The mellow makeup makes this skin great.

When you get to Alice Project, they have 2 boards that are lucky boards.  You do not need the group to get the prize.  There are a few different hairs in each board, all of them equally as great.  Here is one that I just got called Wonderland II.

Hair: Wonderland II (Lucky Board, 10 Minutes) @ Alice Project
Outfit: Trin (MM, 80 Slaps) @ Tori's Stylez
Skin: Grace (Group Gift, Free) @ Nvious

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