Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ydea -Ydea-Ydea

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Thought I'd go check on Ydea, today, and I'm glad I did.  There are a couple of spots there so don't just think because you're in the front area that you've found it all.  In Outfit 1, Ydea Karl outfit, it's the last on the right on the bottom of all the former free gifts for group members.  I really liked this one because it reminded me of the way the rednecks on Duck Dynasty on TV dress.  If you haven't seen the show, go check it out on A&E cable station; it’s the hottest thing on TV out there, right now.  Then, for outfit 2 & 3 you have to travel to the heart of the store to pick up on the current group gifts.  There, you will find stuff for the ladies, as well.  Of course, I found a nice m skin at JSTYLE to model and group gift male hair on the front desk at Alli&Ali Mainstore, too.

Ydea Karl

Mayo Men Gift

Ydea St. Patrick

*SKIN ADAN* 1, & A&A Ronan Hair Dark Auburn

Outfit 1:  Ydea Karl (group join L$0), found @ Ydea Style Mainstore:

Outfit 2: Mayo Men Gift (group join L$0) , found @ Ydea Style Mainstore:

 Outfit 3:  Ydea St. Patrick men gift (group join L$0), found @ Ydea Style Mainstore:

Skin:  *SKIN ADAN* 1 (group join L$0, found in gift Avatar pack GIFT MALE JSTYLE with the short-sleeved dk blue plaid skirt outfit), found @ JSTYLE STORE, Bylot:

Hair:  A&A Ronan Hair Dark Auburn (M group gift on front desk, join L$0), found @ Alli&Ali Mainstore:

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