Monday, March 25, 2013


So I was wandering the grid in search for a skin I have not blogged yet, and I came across Coco & Skimpy.  Going there I was able to break it up into 2 posts.  This is part 2.  Upon landing there I saw the group gift, a cute skin with great detail that matched the lingerie I was searching the skin for.  And right next to it is a goodie bag there with this gem in it.  To my surprise there was this awesome tomboyish outfit.  I'm sucha tomboy.  This Raglan crop top and torn jeans look great on.  Summer days are a comin' so don't forget to wear the shades that come in the package.

If you look to your right of the goodie bag you will see the skin offered for this month's group gift.

I'm just loving this hair from the Anima Hunt.  There are SO many options with this hair I can't take it. I think I'll be wearing it for a bit.

Skin & Clothes: Goodie Bag (Group Gift, Free) @ Coco & Skimpy
Hair: Mono (Anime Hunt Stop #12) @ Alice Project

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