Friday, March 22, 2013

I Stole Alex's Shirt

I'm always crazy to find a boyfriend shirt.  I think their sexy =).  So I was excited to find this group gift from Chandelle's.  It comes in 2 different shirt colors and 4 different shorts colors.

Diva has this hair out on their MM board.  You win it and when you do you get 2 different hair styles.  You can take the bun off and attach a mesh long ponytail that goes off to the side.

Yoon has their group gift out and I think its really pretty.   It has just the right amount of blush on it.  Light lip gloss.  And the daintiest beauty mark over the lip.

And last but not least.  MayFly has great free eyes out.  You can get them both regular and mesh.  They are called London Fog.

Skin: Yoony (Group Gift, Free) @ Yoon
Outfit: Alex (Group Gift, Free) @ Chandelle
Hair: Asami (Lucky Board, 5 minute flip) @ D!va

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