Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Rose

I love being in random fashion groups.  I collect all the notecards and go through them to see if I can find anything interesting.  Low and behold, I found Blackrose.  Their notecard revealed this really sexy dress.  Black on black, and mesh  The owner is a very sweet lady.  She also gave me something to show you on my non free site  The only way you can get this great dress is to join the group and grab it from the notices.

As I continued doing through my notices I saw that Huit has opened a second location.  She has placed a skin out for free @ the newest location.  You don't even have to be a member to grab it.

The hair is one of 3 gifts that Lamb has out for free.  This one is called Bob.  It comes in a fatpack and plenty of colors to chose from.

Dress: One Shoulder Dress @ Blackrose
Skin: R2 (Free) @ Huit
Hair: Bob (Resturant Ketchup) (Free) @ Lamb

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