Saturday, March 30, 2013

OMG All The Swag

I keep getting overwhelmed by all the fantastic clothing you can get from these swag bags from the Hollywood Event.  Store after store, so many goodies.  Every event should have swag bags =P.

I sooo love this shirt that I found in the OMG swag bag.  I love the detail of the shirt w/the little hanging parts.  Even the back part has details.  Tribal jeans are a nice addition.

Yoony is just a gorgeous skin, the detail is excellent and the face is fantastic.  It's the group gift available There are a few of them there, so you will have to look up to find this one.

The hair is of course from Analog Dog.  Yeah I know I blog them a lot, but the hair goes with almost anything and well its just damn good hair.

Top & Pants: Tribal by OMG @ Hollywood Event
Hair: Caught (Free) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Yoony (Group Gift, Free) @ Yoon

1Hundred Has Hollywood Swag

Just loving the Hollywood Event.  This adorable pink top is from the swag bag of 1Hundred.  It is mesh and comes in 6 different sizes.

The jeans are from VA Creations.  Their store is original, you can name your own price.  But remember each design takes time to make.  So please be mindful of that.

Lara Hurley has this really sweet great detailed skin as a group gift.

Salon de Glow has this hair out as a group gift.

Hair: Venus (Group Gift, Free) @ Salon de Glow
Top: Vanity by 1 Hundred @ Hollywood Event
Pants: Plain Jeans (Pay What You Want) @ VA Creations
Skin: Joelle (Group Gift, Free) @ Lara Hurley

Can You Handle My Sassy Swag?

There are so many things to explore and find @ the Hollywood event.  In the swag bag of Sassy you will find this purple mesh dress.  I have a lot more swag coming your way from the Hollywood Event. By the way the hair is also an item from the swag bag from Mr. & Miss. C's.

Joelle skin is from Lara Hurley, not sure how long she will have it up so you should go snag this group gift before you miss it.  It's great.

Hair: Kate by Miss C @ Hollywood Event
Dress: Coquette by Sassy @ Hollywood Event
Skin: Joelle (Group Gift, Free) @ Lara Hurley

Dorothy Hits Hollywood

My inventory is exploding with goodies from the Hollywood Event.  I found this really cute lingerie from Chaos in their swag bag.  It's a very elegant little lingerie.  It comes in 5 different mesh sizes.

The skin is the March 2013 group gift.

If you go to Exile and hit their scribo, then hit # 9 you will get this great hair in a fatpack along with 2 other hairs.

Skin: March 2013 (Group Gift, Free) @ My Ugly Dorothy
Lingerie: Tank Dress (Free) by Chaos @ Hollywood Event
Hair: Violetta (Scribo) @ Exile
Eyes: Shiva (Icy Blue)  (Free) by Birth @ Hollywood Event

Got Swag?

So the Hollywood Event is finally here.  And is it a treat.  My friend, the designer/owner for Angeldust invited me to the VIP opening of the event.  Which is awesome, running around and checking out everything before the lag to come.  Almost every store has a swag bag out, which makes you feel like  a celebrity.  So run around and collect them all, there are some awesome gifts in them.  I am going to be doing a few of these posts so keep your eye out for more to come.

I'm gonna kick it off with the swag from Angeldust.  She created this cute brown dress called Groupie.  Just click the red bag and its yours.  It also boobie friendly.

The skin is a freebie out by Huit @ their new second location.  Grab it while its still out there.

Salon de Glow has this cute hair, I wear quite often out as a group gift.

Hair: Venus (Group Gift, Free) @ Salon de Glow
Dress: Groupie Mini Dress (Free) by Angeldust @ Hollywood Event

Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Rose

I love being in random fashion groups.  I collect all the notecards and go through them to see if I can find anything interesting.  Low and behold, I found Blackrose.  Their notecard revealed this really sexy dress.  Black on black, and mesh  The owner is a very sweet lady.  She also gave me something to show you on my non free site  The only way you can get this great dress is to join the group and grab it from the notices.

As I continued doing through my notices I saw that Huit has opened a second location.  She has placed a skin out for free @ the newest location.  You don't even have to be a member to grab it.

The hair is one of 3 gifts that Lamb has out for free.  This one is called Bob.  It comes in a fatpack and plenty of colors to chose from.

Dress: One Shoulder Dress @ Blackrose
Skin: R2 (Free) @ Huit
Hair: Bob (Resturant Ketchup) (Free) @ Lamb

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Is A Time For Hunting

Easter is always a fun time a year.  I love coloring eggs and hiding them. And a lot of stores are getting into the hide & seek mood.  Wow Skins has put out 10 items in their store you can buy for 1L.  The eggs are right in sight so its real easy.  I am just displaying 1 of 10.  It runs between now and the 7th of April.

Alice Project is participating in the Anime Hunt, and this fantastic hair comes with an awesome color hud, and a style that has no bangs.

Checking out Marketplace I found this really cute dainty bra and panty set out for free from Koko's Closet.

Hair: Mono (Anime Hunt Stop #12) @ Alice Project
Lingerie: Lace Lingerie (Free) by Koko's Closet @ Marketplace 

Monday, March 25, 2013


So I was wandering the grid in search for a skin I have not blogged yet, and I came across Coco & Skimpy.  Going there I was able to break it up into 2 posts.  This is part 2.  Upon landing there I saw the group gift, a cute skin with great detail that matched the lingerie I was searching the skin for.  And right next to it is a goodie bag there with this gem in it.  To my surprise there was this awesome tomboyish outfit.  I'm sucha tomboy.  This Raglan crop top and torn jeans look great on.  Summer days are a comin' so don't forget to wear the shades that come in the package.

If you look to your right of the goodie bag you will see the skin offered for this month's group gift.

I'm just loving this hair from the Anima Hunt.  There are SO many options with this hair I can't take it. I think I'll be wearing it for a bit.

Skin & Clothes: Goodie Bag (Group Gift, Free) @ Coco & Skimpy
Hair: Mono (Anime Hunt Stop #12) @ Alice Project

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Harper Found This Little Gem

A.R.C + F.N has this risque lingerie.  It comes with bra, panties, nylons, & gloves.

Anime Hunt has started and your looking for an anime cat.  Once you snag it, you basically get 2 hairs. One of them his a hair pulled back with no bangs.  Or a bangs option.  It also comes with a HUD where you can change the colors to various different ranges.  It's mesh.

Coco & Skimpy put out this skin for their group gift.

Skin: Harper (Group Gift, Free) @ Coco & Skimpy
Lingerie: Little Gem (Group Gift, Free) @ A.R.C. + F.N
Hair: Mono (Anime Hunt Stop #12) @ Alice Project

It Wouldn't Be A Spring Fling W/O Blacklace

Blacklace has this lingerie out for free.  It comes with some many different ways to wear it.  It's also boobie friendly.  There is another gift there but you have to pay to be in the group.

The hair is the winning hair from last week vote @ A&A.  Pick it up while you still can they change every week.  Don't forget to vote for your favorite hair for next week while you are there.

As most of you know by now Skintimate has rebanded to Anxiety.  Candy Bitch is there current group gift.  They also have appliers there as well as a group gift.

Skin: Candy Bitch (Group Gift, Free) @ Anxiety
Hair: Zafrina (Free) @ A&A
Lingerie: Spring Fling (Free) @ Blacklace

Watch Me Dance

A&A always has a vote board up so people can bring in submissions and have them be voted on.  Whichever one gets the most votes they make for the next week.  This was last weeks winner.  It's out for free for the week go snag it before its gone.

Kawala is celebrating their 2000th member.  But this is this months gift.

YS&YS still has this skin out as a group gift, the lip is a different color as I have used the lips that are out for a group gift @ OhYeah!  OhYeah, put out a lipstick package for Valentine's Day that is still out.

Silk: Ariam (Group Gift, Free) @ Kawala
Lipstick: Valentine's Day Gift (Lip 1) @ OYeah!
Hair: Zafrina (Free) @ A&A
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS&YS

Friday, March 22, 2013

An LC Spring

Blogged by Annabella Noel

LC has some wonderful goodies to see.  Some stuff isn't free so you can catch them at Julya's non-free blog, if you wish:  (which Ishmael Sands & I also blog stuff for, on occasion).  Meanwhile, just look at these 2 cute outfits I have to show you!  The Skin is from - PixyStix, and the hair is the new group gift from Alli&Ali's Mainstore.

.:LC:. Chinel summer cocktail dress yellow,
A&A Zafrina Hair Dark Brown, Voting Present f (22nd March 2013)

.:LC:. Diane Summer Dress pink

Dress 1:  .:LC:. Chinel summer cocktail dress yellow (Applier) (group gift, join L$0), found @ LC Fashion Mainstore:

Dress 2:  .:LC:. Diane Summer Dress pink (Applier) (L$1 PROMO), found @ LC Fashion Mainstore:

Skin:  ~PixyStix~ ::Gabriella:: Group Preview (group join L$0 [previously blogged by Julya] ), found @ PixyStix:

Hair:  A&A Zafrina Hair Dark Brown, Voting Present f (22nd March 2013), found @ Alli&Ali designs Mainstore:


KL Couture is the shop in town.  They started it off right, putting out this really cute dress with amazing movement, as the group gift.  I wandered around their store and they have some really nice high fashion clothing.  This is a store to watch out for.

Kelli is the other hair you can win @ D!va's on the MM board.  It has 2 styles to it, other not shown.

I got LUCKY with this skin from Hush.  In honor of St. Patty's day, she released Lucky Charms for the April group gift.

Dress: Lys (Group Gift, Free) @ KL Couture
Skin: Lucky (Charm) (Sugar) (Group Gift, Free) @ Hush
Hair: Kalli (Lucky Board, 5 minute flip) @ D!va

I Stole Alex's Shirt

I'm always crazy to find a boyfriend shirt.  I think their sexy =).  So I was excited to find this group gift from Chandelle's.  It comes in 2 different shirt colors and 4 different shorts colors.

Diva has this hair out on their MM board.  You win it and when you do you get 2 different hair styles.  You can take the bun off and attach a mesh long ponytail that goes off to the side.

Yoon has their group gift out and I think its really pretty.   It has just the right amount of blush on it.  Light lip gloss.  And the daintiest beauty mark over the lip.

And last but not least.  MayFly has great free eyes out.  You can get them both regular and mesh.  They are called London Fog.

Skin: Yoony (Group Gift, Free) @ Yoon
Outfit: Alex (Group Gift, Free) @ Chandelle
Hair: Asami (Lucky Board, 5 minute flip) @ D!va

Mingo Lashes Out

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Hi out there.  I went to Lash-Ware today and found these nice black pants and their cute pasties they have out for their group gifts, and then I thought you might like to see one of the other group gift skins PixyStix has.  And of course Alli&Ali Designs has some great hair to crown me with.  Ta-Ta, ladies....

<LW> Freebie Jeans HERS & <LW> Pasties 

~PixyStix~ ::Mingo:: skin, & A&A Leona Hair Mixed Brown hair w/Extensions

Pants:  <LW> Freebie Jeans HERS (group gift, join L$0), found @ Lash-Ware:

Pasties:  <LW> Pasties (group gift, join L$0), found @ Lash-Ware:

Skin:  ~PixyStix~ ::Mingo:: (group gift, join L$0), found @ PixyStix:

Hair:  A&A Leona Hair Mixed Brown w/Extensions, Voting Present f (15th March 20th), found @ Alli&Ali Mainstore:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anyone For Some Dandelion Wine?

You can find this dress in the scribo @ DandelionWine.  What is cool about this dress is it comes with a hud in which you can change the dress to 4 different colors, white, black, pink, purple.

The skin is from the MM board @ PixyStix.  There are 2 different MM boards there with the same skin in it other then the tones of the skin.  The skin I'm wearing is on the right.  It is also Tango friendly.

The hair is one of my favorite freebies, you can grab it from the bubble on the beach of Analog Dog.  This hair and a few mesh hairs are there.

Dress: Mesh Lace Dress (Scribo) @ DandelionWine
Skin: Kira (Cupcake) (MM, 42 Slaps) @ PixyStix

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Vikings Are Coming...

I've been watching Vikings on the History channel lately.  When I got the notecard from Pekas and saw the Midnight Mania boards I ran over and slapped it as quick as I could.  I called it till it locked.  Pekas has this matching outfit.  For the ladies, it comes with a fur bolero, fur sleeves, kilt and furry boots.  For the guys it comes with bracers, fur bolero, kilt & boots.

For the hair I ran over to Emo-tion's group gift section.  I found these hairs that went perfect with the look I was wanting to achieve.  I'm wearing Cora & And Kylan is wearing Amnesia.

The skin Julya is wearing is the group gift out @ Lara Hurley's.  Kylan is wearing Ismael from JStylez.

Kylan's shape is Riley, which is the freebie I have up in my shop, Shame Me Designs.  Along with a 30 days and under package and a female shape out for free not featured.

Pic # 1

Hair: Cora (Group Gift, Free) @ Emo-tions
Skin: Ismael (Group Gift, Free) @ JStylez
Outfit: North Heat Jarl (MM Board, 130 Slaps) @ Pekas
Shape: Riley (Free) @ Shame Me Designs

Pic # 2 & 3

Hair: Amnesia (Group Gift, Free) @ Emo-tions
Skin: Joelle (Group Gift, Free) @ Lara Hurley
Outfit: North Heat (MM Board, 150 Slaps) @ Pekas

Pic # 4

The boots of the outfits.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Skin Whoring @ The Skin Fair

So I finally ventured to the Skin Fair.  They did a great job of building the place to make it where its less lag. I moved pretty freely with little encounters with lag.  So as I ventured through I found these 4  free gifts in various stores.  Going through and looking at each skin it took me about an hour to look @ both sims.  As I wrote designers for permission to blog their exclusives for my none free fashion blog, My Haters Motivate Me  Thank you Huit, Ooh-la-licious, Nomaine & Fake for supplying the freebies.

The hair is from the bubble on the beach @ Analog Dog.  The bubble has multiple hairs in it, as only one is being shown.

I found the bikini on marketplace from a shop called =Side=.

Pic # 1

Skin: Skin Fair 2013 by Huit @ Skin Fair
Bikini: XSmall Bikini Orange Free (Free) by =Side= @ Marketplace
Eyes: Realistic Eyes by Fake @ Skin Fair
Hair: Caught (Free) @ Analog Dog

Pic # 2

Skin: Barbie by Ooh-la-licious @ Skin Fair
Bikini: XSmall Bikini Orange Free (Free) by =Side= @ Marketplace
Eyes: Realistic Eyes by Fake @ Skin Fair
Hair: Caught (Free) @ Analog Dog

Pic # 3

Skin: Nephilim Skin by Nomine @ Skin Fair
Bikini: XSmall Bikini Orange Free (Free) by =Side= @ Marketplace
Eyes: Realistic Eyes by Fake @ Skin Fair
Hair: Caught (Free) @ Analog Dog

Pic # 4

Close up of the eyes.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spice Up Your St. Patty's Day

Sassy put out this new group gift just in time for tomorrow.  It's a really cute dress, its mesh. Don't forget to grab the other group gifts on the shelves while you are there.

The hair is from Alice Project, got it from the lucky board.

The skin is the group gift that is up at Lara Hurley's.

Skin: Joelle (Group Gift, Free) @ Lara Hurley
Hair: Persuasion (Lucky Board) @ Alice Project
Dress: Spice (Group Gift, Free) @ Sassy!

Kiss My Shamrock

Keep coming with the St. Patty's Days gifts.  This is one of my favorites, Niekra's Dreams has this Clover Imp outfit on their Midnight Mania board.  It's yours for 100 slaps, and @ this moment its over 30 slaps.  It comes with a mesh corset, bra, panties, stockings, gloves, bracelets, shoes, horn, hat, skirt & tail.  Also boobie friendly.

Amohe put out this special skin that will only be available until the end of the month.  Green eyeshadow and lipstick compliments this nicely detailed skin.  It's free and no need for a tag.

Still can't seem to get this pixy cut hair off my head.  Get addicted too @ Curio, its in the scribo.

Juxtapose set out a fatpack of 5 poses that comes with a shamrock, its in the scribo.

Skin: St. Patty's Day Skin (Free) @ Angeldust
Outfit: Clover Imp (MM, 100 Slaps) @ Niekra's Dreams
Hair: In Space (tinted black) (scribo) @ Curio
Pose: Kiss My Shamrock (Scribo) @ Juxtapose

Tons Of Luck

I am SOOOO diggin' the new group gift sent out by PixyStix.  It has fantastic tone and detail.  It comes w/ & w/o cleavage   There is 2 different ways you can get the skin, go to the store and hit the scribo, or just join the group (group slurl below, just copy it, paste it in chat, and click it, go to notices, its there.) Boobie Friendly.

I'm such a sucker for short hair.  I can't get this hair from Curio off.

The nightie is the group gift from EBA.  They always come out with really nice lingerie.

For good luck I'm holding this shamrock that comes with the pose I'm using.  It is a group gift @ Juxtapose. 

Hair: In Space (tinted black) (scribo) @ Curio
Pose: Kiss My Shamrock (Scribo) @ Juxtapose
Nightie: March Group Gift (Group Gift, Free) @ EBA
Skin: Gabriella (Group Gift, Free) by PixyStix Group Joiner secondlife:///app/group/1a25c98e-fd89-9fd2-1c88-89ab24af8fc8/about

Friday, March 15, 2013

Simply Twisted

Running to check on a MM.. I found this Twisted Bikini for free along with a few other gifts she has out for free.  

If you join the Nvious group in the notices of the group is a fatpack of skins given to celebrate 1,000 members in her group.

The hair is in the scribo @ Curio.

Bikini: Twisted Bikini (Free) @ Femme Fatale
Skin: Lela (M3) by Nvious secondlife:///app/group/f311cb4f-72b2-a289-caa6-489ce260b4c1/about
Hair: In Space (tinted black) (scribo) @ Curio

Joelle's Cruising For Group Gifts

So just cruising around SL looking for freebies to throw @ you guys.  I found this cute dress which is a group gift @ PB Designs.  It's boobie friendly as well.  The hair is the newest hair gift from Red Mint.  Lara Hurley always comes up with great detailed skins and you can snag this for free just join the group.

Skin: Joelle (Group Gift, Free) @ Lara Hurley
Dress: Coral/White Dress (Group Gift, Free) @ PB Designs
Hair: GG 03'13 (Group Gift, Free) @ Red Mint

St. Patrick's Day Fever

Into the St. Patty's Day fever?  Got a bit of Irish in ya?  This dress is for you.  It would look great on any shape.  The dress flows well because of prims.  

The skin is the group gift from Ego.

The hair is Violetta which comes in several different color.  You can find it in the scribo @ Exile.  All you have to do is slap the scribo and hit # 9 and it will come right to you.

Dress: Clover (Group Gift, Free) @ Dew
Skin: Ashley (Group Gift, Free) @ Egoxentrikax
Hair: Violetta (Fawn) (Scribo) @ Exile

Check Out My Virtual Attire

I was @ Virtual Attire slapping one of their MM boards, and as I was calling the board I noticed that there were a bunch of group gifts scattered on the floor.  Well among them was the hot number for only 1L.

Emo-tions has a wall up of group gifts, most of them are hair but there a few more things there.  Here is one of the newer hairs that they have put up for you go grab named Nelli.

Ego has this nicely detailed skin out as a group gift.  It is also boobie friendly.

Outfit: Eat My Dust 1L @ Virtual Attire
Skin: Ashley (Group Gift, Free) @ Egoxentrikax
Hair: Nelli (Group Gift, Free) @ Emo-tions

Warrior Bounty Hunter

Blog by Ishmael Sands

For you guys....  Like the look?  So do I.  Okey Designs remodeled since I was there last and there are a few new freebies in their group gifts.  They've got some new outfits for sale I really like, too.  ... Guess I gotta save my duckets up, huh?  Always liked this cool place.

Hunter outfit by Okey Designs FOR MENSTUFF HUNT

camou tank by Okey Designs,
& A&A Ronan Hair Darkbrown


Outfit:  OKEY DESIGNS Hunter outfit FOR MENSTUFF HUNT (now in group gifts, join L$0), found @ OKEY DESIGNS Mainstore:

Tank:  camou tank by Okey Designs (group gift, join L$0) , found @ Okey Designs:

Sunglasses:  PILOT SUNGLASSES BY OKEY 1 (group gift, join L$0), found @ Okey Designs:

Skin:  *SKIN WARRIOR* 6 (GIFT JSTYLE group join L$0) from GIFT JEANS MALE JSTYLE Avatar pack (blue jean short sleeve shirt w/blue ripped dk blue jeans), found @ JSTYLE Store, Bylot:

Hair:  A&A Ronan Hair Darkbrown (previously blogged in Dk Auburn) (Voting Present m [1st March 2013] ), found @ Alli&Ali Mainstore:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Got Jelly?

Hunt For Your Inner Slut Hunt is a lot like Dare2Bare. So I thought I'd run through it to see what kind of stores they have. I stumbled around this sexy shop called Jelly.  The corset and panty set is the gift they have out for their hunters.  It is also boobie friendly.

Analog Dog still have the free hair in the bubbles on the beach out for free.  This hair is called Caught, I put some red tint to it.

The skin is also still available @ Club Abstraction as an re-opening gift.


Skin: Kate (Abstraction) by Belleza @ Club Abstraction
Hair: Caught (Free) @ Analog Dog
Outfit: Inner Slut Corset (Hunt for Your Inner Slut 3 Stop # 2) @ Jelly

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ydea -Ydea-Ydea

Blog by Ishmael Sands

Thought I'd go check on Ydea, today, and I'm glad I did.  There are a couple of spots there so don't just think because you're in the front area that you've found it all.  In Outfit 1, Ydea Karl outfit, it's the last on the right on the bottom of all the former free gifts for group members.  I really liked this one because it reminded me of the way the rednecks on Duck Dynasty on TV dress.  If you haven't seen the show, go check it out on A&E cable station; it’s the hottest thing on TV out there, right now.  Then, for outfit 2 & 3 you have to travel to the heart of the store to pick up on the current group gifts.  There, you will find stuff for the ladies, as well.  Of course, I found a nice m skin at JSTYLE to model and group gift male hair on the front desk at Alli&Ali Mainstore, too.

Ydea Karl

Mayo Men Gift

Ydea St. Patrick

*SKIN ADAN* 1, & A&A Ronan Hair Dark Auburn

Outfit 1:  Ydea Karl (group join L$0), found @ Ydea Style Mainstore:

Outfit 2: Mayo Men Gift (group join L$0) , found @ Ydea Style Mainstore:

 Outfit 3:  Ydea St. Patrick men gift (group join L$0), found @ Ydea Style Mainstore:

Skin:  *SKIN ADAN* 1 (group join L$0, found in gift Avatar pack GIFT MALE JSTYLE with the short-sleeved dk blue plaid skirt outfit), found @ JSTYLE STORE, Bylot:

Hair:  A&A Ronan Hair Dark Auburn (M group gift on front desk, join L$0), found @ Alli&Ali Mainstore: