Sunday, December 9, 2012

Comin' Undone

Patchwork Heart has awesome clothing, and the owner kicks ass. They have great clothing for the boobie inclined. There is a pic up that shows you what it looks like for regular boobs and prim boobies. This outfit is called Unravelled it is very sexy,it comes from a lucky board that has the red and blue versions. There is some new hair out @ Analog Dog, There are 3 hairs that are mesh and one that is normal, with this fantastic favorite of mine, Caught (it is tinted). The skin is done by an amazing artist named Amohe, she just fantastic stuff. This is one of 3 skin gifts she has up this month.

Dress: Unravelled Dress (Lucky board, 10 minutes) @ Patchwork Heart
Skin: Grace (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust

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