Monday, October 8, 2012

Charm with Blacklace

Went to my favorite Lingerie Shop called Blacklace to see if there involved with any hunts and to my surprise there part of the PPH Hunt for Halloween/October and gift had Charm Melon Silk & Lace Slip and its super sexy and cute. Then I jumped over to my favorite skin shop called Al Vulo and they have there new October Group Gift up called Livia Devil is a Woman. So head on down to both these awesome stores and grab these up.

Lingerie - Blacklace - Charm Melon Silk & Lace Slip (comes with bracelet) - PPH #20 (Hunt) (Free Gift look for black pumpkin with orange paw) -

Skin - Al Vulo - Livia devil is a woman (October Group Gift Free to Join $0L) -

Hair - A&A Evie Hair Darkbrown (Marketplace $0L Free) -

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