Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Killa Halloween Hunt

Killa Designz is having a hunt going on which is free when you wear the group tag.  All of the clothes in the hunt are sexy as hell.  Here are 2 outfits from the hunt.  All of them are damn right skinolious.  If you love to show skin this hunt is for you.  My skin is from JStylez, her's is from AKERUKA. Hair is from Damselfly & Exile.

Julya is wearing...

Outfit: Jolie (Spooktacular Killa Hunt Prize # 5) @ Killa Designz

Skin: Anny (Group Gift, Free) @ JStylez

CharityTrinity is wearing...

Skin - AKERUKA Nora Vampire UnDead Skin Group Gift (Free to Join) -

Outfit - .::Killa DesignZ::. hunt prize 28 "Lilly Tank & Capri" (Free to Join/ Free/ Hunt) -

Hair - ::Exile:: Violetta:Cranberry ( Subo Gift ) -

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weeping Yellow

Halloween is approaching quickly and D&G put out this AWESOME skin, great for a Halloween look.  The catsuit its a wonderful yellow.  The hair is from marketplace.

Skin: Weeping Sadness (Group Gift, Free) @ D&G

Outfit: Strapless Catsuit (Group Gift, Free) @ D&G

Monday, October 29, 2012

Día de los Muertos Comes Early This Year

Día de los Muertos is on November first, but since its Halloween I thought it would be fitting to do it early.  These skins are great.  Although they will scare off the dead.  The skins are a group gift from Essences.  The lingerie is from Carrie's Lingerie.  The mohawk is free on Marketplace from A&A.  It says its only free till the 25th but its still free so grab it while you can.  The blond hair is from Exile.

Julya is wearing...

Skin: Muerto (Group Gift, Free) @ Essences
Shape: Riley (Free) @ Shame Me Designs
Bottom: White (Free) @ Vitamen
Hair: Mohawk by A&A on Marketplace

CharityTrinity is wearing...

Skin - Essences - Muerta Skin - October 2012 Group Gift (Free to Join) -

Lingerie - Carrie's Lingerie ~Something Blue Group Gift (Free to Join) -

Hair - ::Exile:: Violetta:Frost ( Subo Gift/ Free) -

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Julya & CharityTrinity Join The Mafia

So we love to bring you great freebie areas.  This one is one of the best.  Once you grab their kick ass group tag, "Don't Piss Off" you can grab these great goodies, and more from some of the most popular stores on the grid.  CharityTrinity is wearing an outfit from AlterEgo & I'm wearing something from 1Hundred.  

Julya is wearing...

Skin: Valena Fair by Modish (Group Gift, Free) @ Violet Mafia
Outfit: Fearless by 1 Hundred (Group Gift, Free) @ Violet Mafia
Hair: Melanie 1L @ (love)

CharityTrinity is wearing...

Outfit - :: alterego :: search me (Violet Mafia Free Group Gift/ Free to Join) -

Hair - ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Maraschino (Subo Gift Free) -

Skin - Dulce Secrets -  ::DS:: Grace Riesling Full Look 1 (Violet Mafia Group Gift/ Free to Join -

Friday, October 26, 2012


Chrysalis has a new group gift out called Metamorphosis and its so gorgeous also artistic, love it, but is only up as a group gift for 3 days! so don't miss out on grabbing this amazing gown! Then Calico Ingmann Creations (CiC) is doing a huge pumpkin hunt with 40 pumpkins around the sim to find hair and other goodies for Halloween. JeSyLiLO has a new group skin out called HappyEidAdha its very pretty. Hope everyone is having a Awesome-tastic Halloween holiday.

Dress Outfit - Chrysalis - Metamorphosis - black (Group Gift- Free to join-Free for 3 days Only!) -

Hair - (CiC) Pumpkin Hunt - Aaliyah 1 (Calico Ingmann Creations Pumpkin Hunt/ Free/ 40 Pumpkins around sim) -

Skin - *JeSyLiLO*:::GroupGiftSkin:::*HappyEidAdha (Group Gift/ free to join) -

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dancin' In The Spiderwebs..Leave A Message!

Hey all, sorry it's been so long since I've blogged. With having a fucked modem that boots me off every 10 minutes and RL throwing me a major curveball, I haven't had the patience or the strength to blog. But with a new modem and some needed R & R, I'm back! So here is the newest find from me...

The newest gift from Cynful is this ultra sexy spiderweb dress outfit, it also comes all bloody.  The skin is from Modish, it comes in cleavage and non cleavage.  The hair comes in a fat pack from Tameless called Elvira.

Bloody Version

Dress: Spiderweb Lace 1L @ Cynful
Skin: Bonnie PumpkinBlush (Group Gift, Free) @ Modish

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jstyle Mini Pumpkin Treats & Freebies

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Well, you know I was sure Jstyle wouldn't let us down for the Halloween season ... and they didn't.  They're having a mini pumpkin hunt (L$1 a pumpkin) there and have lots of other great freebie group gifts there, as well (of course!). I really had fun with the hunt walking all over the store, but don't forget to check all over the yard when you're done, too, 'cause you might miss some goodies if you don't. There are some mesh gifts there not shown.

Also, at Alli&Ali designs, in their MM board, I found this nice ash hair, worn, which there is one you might like as a gift for the hair voting there, too.

Gift Blue Jeans Jstyle Outfit w/boots

 :: Bangles Flowers ::, ::Earring Flowers ::, ::Necklace Flower ::, + Nail Hand 20 L&R Hot PiNk w/rings


A&A Lucy Hair Ash

Outfit:  Gift Blue Jeans Jstyle Outfit (blogged top, pants, boots only [group gift] ), found @ Brand New .:: Jstyle ::. location:

Jewelry:  :: Bangles Flowers ::, ::Earring Flowers ::, ::Necklace Flower :: [black set] HUNT JSTYLE (prize #14 [L$1] ), found in mini pumpkin Jstyle Hunt @ Brand New .:: Jstyle ::. location:

Nails & Rings:  Nail Hand 20 L&R Hot PiNk (set), found in the "GIFT JSTYLE ROSA" Package (light pink dress on cover of free group gift) @ Brand New .:: Jstyle ::. location:

Skin:  *SKIN ANYTA 10* HUNT JSTYLE (prize #3 w/teeth [L$1] ), found in mini pumpkin Jstyle Hunt @ Brand New .:: Jstyle Store ::. location:

Hair:  A&A Lucy Hair Ash (MM board), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Wonderland Beach (New):

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Raven's Way

If your into latex this dress is for you.  It's a long evening gown type dress.  The skin is from Poudre & the hair is from Mina.

Skin: Jesse (Group Gift, Free) @ Poudre
Dress: Affinity Egypt MeritAmun Latex (Free) @ Raven's Wear

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jesse Is Wearing Her Man's Shirt

While I was using my SL Money Hud I ran across this cute little shop that has this boy shirt for a group gift. However, you don't need to be part of the group you can just buy it for OL. The hair is from Mina, its the free hair they have out. The leggings are from TLC, they are a dollarbie on Maretplace.  The skin is from Poudre as their group gift.

Shirt: Anchored Boyfriend Shirt (Berry)  (Group Gift, Free) @ Hawker's House
Skin: Jesse (Group Gift, Free) @ Poudre

Monday, October 15, 2012

Elvira In France 3D

So Jstylez changed their location I found out the hard way. I tp'd to their store and found this freebies shop in its place. So here is a cute leather catsuit, you have to be part of the group which is free to grab all the items. The hair is the group gift from Tameless which is also free to join. The skin is from eVe Skin, in the scribo.

Outfit: Sleeves (Group Gift, Free) @ Freebie France 3D
Skin: Winter (Scribo Gift) @ Eve Skin
Hair: Elvira (Group Gift, Free) @ Tameless

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Green with Envy

Got a bunch of Halloween Gifts in store for you, very exciting ones I would say. From AZUL's Suzana Halloween Group Gift Dress to Magika's Faint Halloween Group Gift Hair and so much more! So go and grab all these awesome Halloween Gifts up before its to late!

Dress - -AZUL- GroupGift1210 /Suzana Halloween (Free to Join) -

Hair - Magika [Candy Corn][M] Faint [Halloween Group Gift] -

Skin - Halloween Green Skin ( By Babylon Skin ) [Free $0L] -

Shoes - *{ S.G }* Halloween Gift (SeVered GarDeN Group Gift/ Free to join) -

Jewelry - Chop Zuey Gift - Itsy Bitsy Spider Set (Free no need to be in group $0L) -

Happy Halloween

Pretty N Pink has this cute little outfit out that is unisex. So couples come and pick this up and match! It's a group gift, but its free. The skin is from JStylez & the Shape is from Shame Me Designs.

Shape: Riley (Free) @ Shame Me Designs
Outfit: Halloween Gift (Group Gift, Free) @ Pretty N Pink

Beautiful Nightmare

Dirty Little Secret has this outfit out for a dollarbie. It comes with eyes, skin, dress, horns, tail & mesh boots (not shown). If you gotta a little devil in your you should check this out.

The hair is from Analog Dog.

Outfit, skin, eyes: A Beautiful Nightmare 1L @ Dirty Little Secret

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sex Machine

Blog by Ishmael Sands

Hi all. Stopped by the Lynece Shop and found this cool underwear set w/"Sex Machine" lettering on the front (on back of tank too) on their MM board. The next day, they added a mini pumpkin hunt where I found this fun outfit of pumpkin top and pumpkin jeans, too. Also, the New Jstyle Store has this cool male skin out (comes with a great black outfit you really should see) and the Mason hair (Brown) from Alli&Ali worked out pretty well with it. You'll probably want to pick them all up.

  [LYN] MM - Sex machine by Lynece

Pumpkin Top & Pumpkin Jeans from mini Pumpkin Hunt @ Lynece Shop


Underwear:  [LYN] MM - Sex machine (Black tank & boxers w/"Sex Machine" lettering (MM board XX/20), found @ Lynece Shop:

Outfit:  Pumpkin Top & Pumpkin Jeans from mini Pumpkin Hunt, found @ Lynece Shop:

Skin:  *SKIN EROS* 7 Gift Group join (found in current Gift Box Jstyle Man [wearing blk leathers, in front of store] ), found @ the New .:: JsTyLe ::. Store:

Hair:  A&A Mason Hair (Voting Present M [Group Join] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

From Angel To Femdom

The Femdom Hunt 3 is in full swing. And here is the prize from Hot Stuff. It has an extremely sexy back.  The hair is from (Love), for 1L you get 2 hairs w/color changing hud.  The skin is from Angeldust.  It is the group gift that is out (not sure for how much longer).

Skin: Ashanti (Group Gift, Free) @ Angeldust
Outfit: Jesabell (The Femdom Hunt 3 Stop # 18) @ Hot Stuff

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Feel Freebie Fever Comin' On

As most of you know, Tameless is my FAVORITE hair store in all of SL.  The owner of Tameless Nita Bracken also has a freebie building called Freebie Fever.  She has 7 fatpacks of hair for free.  Along with countless clothes.  You should go check it out.

Hair: Amelia (Free) @ Freebie Fever
Lingerie: Leather Vixen (Free) @ Freebie Fever
Skin: Jessica (Lucky Chair, 10 Minutes) @ Yoon Beauty

An AngelDust Halloween

*Correction:  Skin in Pic # 1 is NOT in the hunt.  The Pic # 4 is the correct skin.*

The owner of Angeldust contacted me and told me there was a small hunt with 8 pumpkins scattered in her awesome Halloween themed sim. The pumpkins are extremely easy to find. I should take you about 10 minutes or less.

The prizes are:

1. Enchanted Halloween Skin
2. Aquarium
3. Blood In Face Tattoo
4. Hello Bat
5. I See Dead People Gesture
6. Witch Hat
7. Sexy Hobgoblin Outfit
8. Casual Friday Sweater

Also there is a sale going on... All skins are on sale for 99L, & Fatpacks are 500L.  There are 2 exceptions:

* Dana Fundraiser Skin
* Starlights Chocolate Delight

Pic 1 & 2:

Outfit, Hat, Blood, Bat, Aquarium (In-store Hunt) @ Angeldust
Hair: Elvira (Group Gift, Free) @ Tameless
Skin: Otherworldly Skelskin (Free) @ The Plastik

Pic 3:

Sweater: Casual Friday Sweater (In-store Hunt) @ Angeldust
Skin: Jessica (Lucky Chair, 10 Minutes) @ Yoon Beauty
Hair: Despina (Lucky Chair, 5 Minutes) @ Tameless

Pic # 4

Skin: Enchanted Halloween Skin (In-store Hunt) @ Angeldust
Hair: Amelia (Free) @ Freebie Fever

What Ho's Wear For Halloween

Ho Wear put out 4 awesome outfits for Halloween.  We are displaying 2 of them.  The outfit on the left is all MESH.  The one on the right is not mesh.  So Ho Wear has something for everyone.  Wanna win a themed contest I'm sure you will with one of these.

CharityTrinity (left) is wearing.....

Halloween Full Avatar (Mesh)- H:: Mystic of Dread Halloween Edition ::H (Free Gift for October Halloween) (comes with everything but shoes)-

Shoes- Boudoir - Pony Girl Boots (Group Gift Free to Join) -

Julya Lykin (right) is wearing .....

Outfit: H:: Quest for Blood Halloween Editon ::H - (Free Gift for October Halloween) -

Hair: Nami (Free) @ Amacci

Boots: Pony Girl (Group Gift, Free) @ Boudoir

Skin: Daena 1L @ Lissee

Monday, October 8, 2012

Charm with Blacklace

Went to my favorite Lingerie Shop called Blacklace to see if there involved with any hunts and to my surprise there part of the PPH Hunt for Halloween/October and gift had Charm Melon Silk & Lace Slip and its super sexy and cute. Then I jumped over to my favorite skin shop called Al Vulo and they have there new October Group Gift up called Livia Devil is a Woman. So head on down to both these awesome stores and grab these up.

Lingerie - Blacklace - Charm Melon Silk & Lace Slip (comes with bracelet) - PPH #20 (Hunt) (Free Gift look for black pumpkin with orange paw) -

Skin - Al Vulo - Livia devil is a woman (October Group Gift Free to Join $0L) -

Hair - A&A Evie Hair Darkbrown (Marketplace $0L Free) -

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Glaber & Ilithyia

If you are into the Greek & Roman times (Spartacus era) and looking for some good clothing. Take a ride to S&S Designs, they have a great outfit for guys. And a sweet & sexy one for girls.

CharityTrinity is wear.... 

Outfit - ~ S&S ~ WORKING TUNIC RED SP (Group Gift/ Free to Join) -

Hair - .:EMO-tions:. * LALA * /brown (Group Gift/ Free to Join) -

 Skin - al vulo- julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed group gift (Group Gift/ Free to Join) -

KylanDylan is wearing...

Outfit: Batiato Red (Group Gift, free) @ S&S Designs
Skin: Patrick 1L @ Marketplace

Envious Halloween Hunt

Excitement always hits me so strong during October being fall is setting in and not only that but Halloween! But nothing more then knowing my favorite store Envious is having a huge Halloween Hunt Oct 1st - 31st, so many fun gifts from Sayanicole Cuttita the owner and designer of Envious which she is amazing! Thanks a bunch Sayanicole! Don't Miss out on this exciting Event! Also be sure to pick up the Halloween hairs from Amacci there super cute!

Envious Halloween Hunt Oct 1st - 31st --
Outfit - ::Envious:: Lantern #40
Stockings - ::Envious:: Halloween Stockings #10
Skin - ::Envious:: HalloweenEvent Skin 01 #34
Hair - Amacci Hair Pumpkin Pie ~ Black Coal (Comes in a All colors pack) (Free Gift $0L) -