Sunday, September 16, 2012

Men: Time to Show Some Skin

Blog by Ishmael Sands

Secondlife Marketplace is such a beautiful thing.  16 skins for a buck, fellas! (Shapes are in there, too, but I only wear my own, as I've told you before.)  Your future you is here, and you don't even have to work out to find him.  Heh ;-)

1. -Belleza- Thomas SK O bald

2. [Abyss] Scratch Male Medium

3. [Abyss] Male Pale

4. [F] Muscle Man Skin

5. [F] Scruffy Male Skin

6. Apollo 11 (no facial hair, bald)

7. Atticus Male Skin

8. Black Man Skin with Corn Rolls Hairbase

9. Gerry Skin

10. Joe Dirt

11. John Paine

12. Lavie Mark - Furry Chest

13. Respo Male Skin

 14. Rob Faite - Tone 3 - BALD - Shaved

15. Steve Law Male Skin

 16. Valen Maven's Skin

Men's Skins & Shapes (L$1 [Shapes not shown, only my own personal shape I made] ), found @ Secondlife Marketplace:

Hair:  Hair:  Unisex hair by Dura (group gift, lots of colors worn [previously blogged for females by Julya Lykin (& myself)] ), found @ Dura Main Shop:

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  1. Anonymous16/9/12 12:35

    Thank you so much, I appreciate the recognition. Let me point out that Scruffy, Muscle Man and Respo were skins I made from templates I purchased. All the other skins were either found in other freebie shops or were donated. I have not changed the names or altered the permissions of any of the skins. If the original creators wish for me to remove their skins (with proof), I will do so. -Fitch Woodrunner