Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Bottom Jeans Really Show Curves

I am SOOOO adoring these apple bottom shorts. It gives the ass great definition. The sweater is very cute, it comes with a prim bottom. It comes with prim cuffs & bottom part of shirt along with a belt.  The hair is from marketplace A&A, only available for free until October 1, so you better run.  The skin is this amazing makeup job from (Red) Sand.

Outfit: Feleri (Group Gift, Free) @ LC Fashion
Skin: Female Fall (Free) @ Marketplace
Hair: Marie (Free) @ Marketplace

Looking Delish On A Budget

Vic our fearless leader was running through marketplace one night and was throwing out skins. I went through them and this one really caught my eye by Red. It's super sexy and awesome eyeshadow. The hair is a freebie from Alli&Ali until OCTOBER 1, so grab it while you can. Outfit is by Delish, it also comes with pasties, but you know me =P.

Outfit: Nice N Easy 1L @ Marketplace
Skin: Female Fall (Free) @ Marketplace
Hair: Marie (Free) @ Marketplace

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Hearts On Her Panties

Princess Verwood the owner of Thirteenth (a designer that participated in D2B4), sent me a notecard letting me know that she has opened a new sim called Surreal Fashion District. In this sim she has some FANTASTIC designers. Lola's Creations was one of them. They have a darling dollarbie out. These hot pants & tank. The skin is from Nous Vous. And the hair is from Alli&Ali.

Outfit: Hearts Hotpants 1L @ Lola's Creations
Hair: Wildfang (Free) @ Alli & Ali
Skin: Nora (Group Gift, Free) @ Nous Vous

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Night Mist

Just got sent the September group gift from Truth Hair and its super cute, called Sam and its non-rigged mesh and a full pack of every color you can think of, so if your not in there sub-o group hurry on down and join to get this awesome gift from Truth. Also Be sure to grab up all shown even the gorgeous jewelry set called Beloved from Chloe that is free and they have a whole small store with a few gifts.

Dress - *ICING* Gift: Night Mist (Free $0L) -

Jewelry Set - Chloe: Beloved Set [Black/Nights] (Free $0L)-

Hair (non-rigged mesh) - >TRUTH< Sam w/Roots - espresso (Subo/Group Gift Sept)

Skin - al vulo- julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed group gift  (Group Gift/ Free to Join)  -

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Twins

CharityTrinity is wearing...

Lingerie - PWH Naughty Knick Knacks Pink Clouds (Freebie)

Skin - al vulo- julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed group gift (Free to Join) -

Hair - .:EMO-tions...*LALA* hair -black groupgift (Free to Join)-

Julya is wearing...

Hair: Venus (Group Gift, free) @ Salon de Glow
Skin: Daena 1L @ Lissee
Lingerie -  Naughty Knick Knacks Pink Clouds (Free) (wearing the aside panties) @ Patchwork Heart

Pink Mare Brings It

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Found a fun little Mall with quite a few boards and freebies here and there that caught my attention.  Not too bad at all.

 *PH* Bring it

::CHoOoZ:: "Lexi" Pink

Outfit:  *PH* Bring it, found @ PiNkMaReS HoUsE Main Store:

Shoes:  ::CHoOoZ:: "Lexi" Pink (MM slap board x/75), found @ PiNkMaReS HoUsE Main Store:

Hair:  A&A Fianna Hair Lightbrown voting Present f (7thSept. 2012 [previously blogged] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

Skin:  Gift Anniversary :: Carina:: Skin (group join [previously blogged] ), found @ [YOON BEAUTY] MainStore:

Retro Poofed

Was exploring my favorite skin shop of all time Al Vulo when suddenly in my wildest dreams I catch the new skin Group Gift called Julia Intense Night and couldn't be more happier I did its fantastic! Also Envious has there new Group Gift outfit out called Poofed which is super cute. And Chop Zuey has a pair of super gorgeous earrings called La Mousme up for free as a gift for $0L. Enjoy! 

Outfit - :.Envious.: Poofed (Group Gift/ Free to Join) - 

Earrings - Chop Zuey Gift - La Mousme Bl/Grn Earrings ( Free/ $0L) -

Skin - al vulo- julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed group gift (Free to Join) -

Hair - .:EMO-tions...*SUGAR* hair -black groupgift (Free to Join)-

Emotional Over Paisley

Rika Design is a new shop that opened up in world last week. She is a friend of mine and provides a great stable to SL's fashion world. She does anything from gorgeous formal gowns to casual jeans & tops. In her lucky chairs, she has MANY different outfits available. This is just one of MANY. A cute detailed lace top & paisley jeans.

The hair is one of many group gifts from Emo-tions & the skin is the opening gift for Anxiety.

Skin: Mila (Group Gift, Free) @ Anxiety 
Hair: Lady (Group Gift, Free) @ Emo-tions
Outfit: Paisley Painting (Lucky Chair, 5 MIinutes) @ Rika Designs

Seaweed Fantasy

Fashion & Fantasy has an MM slap board with a nice little Seaweed Mermaid Princess Avatar in it for you plus AO.  Bring your friends to help you out.

NeCO - Seaweed Mermaid Princess

Mermaid outfit:  NeCO - Seaweed Mermaid Princess Blue Box (MM board X/73), found @ basment of NeCo - Fashion & Fantasy:

Hair:  A&A Fianna Hair Lightbrown voting Present f (7thSept. 2012 [previously blogged]), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

Skin:  Gift Anniversary :: Carina:: Skin (group join [previously blogged] ), found @ [YOON BEAUTY] MainStore:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Men: Time to Show Some Skin

Blog by Ishmael Sands

Secondlife Marketplace is such a beautiful thing.  16 skins for a buck, fellas! (Shapes are in there, too, but I only wear my own, as I've told you before.)  Your future you is here, and you don't even have to work out to find him.  Heh ;-)

1. -Belleza- Thomas SK O bald

2. [Abyss] Scratch Male Medium

3. [Abyss] Male Pale

4. [F] Muscle Man Skin

5. [F] Scruffy Male Skin

6. Apollo 11 (no facial hair, bald)

7. Atticus Male Skin

8. Black Man Skin with Corn Rolls Hairbase

9. Gerry Skin

10. Joe Dirt

11. John Paine

12. Lavie Mark - Furry Chest

13. Respo Male Skin

 14. Rob Faite - Tone 3 - BALD - Shaved

15. Steve Law Male Skin

 16. Valen Maven's Skin

Men's Skins & Shapes (L$1 [Shapes not shown, only my own personal shape I made] ), found @ Secondlife Marketplace:

Hair:  Hair:  Unisex hair by Dura (group gift, lots of colors worn [previously blogged for females by Julya Lykin (& myself)] ), found @ Dura Main Shop:

This Will Suit You

So I'm getting dressed from blogging, and I run into this outfit. I love it, its a tad bit older, and it happens to be made by my sister Torid. So I ask her if its still in her shop and she throws it the FREEBIE box. I love it. I rushed over to get the info I needed to blog it so I can share it with you all...So here you go a great outfit for FREE. Thanks sis!

The skin is from Lissee and the hair is from Analog Dog.

Outfit: White Body Suit (Free) @ Tori's Stylez
Skin: Daena 1L @ Lissee
Hair:  Caught (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zombie Breakout!

Blog by Ishmael Sands

Ready for your Zombie Apocalypse?  You'll fit right in, in this skin.  Wawwwwwhhhhaaaaa!!!  Evaki Boutique and Dura hair are a haunting pair....

 Zombie Male Costume

Skin & Outfit:  Zombie Male Costume (MM board x/25 [one there for females, too]  ), found @ Evaki Boutique:

Hair:  Unisex hair by Dura (group gift, lots of colors [previously blogged for females by Julya Lykin] ), found @ Dura Main Shop:

Saying Goodbye To Panda Punx

Today is a sad day! I heard from the owner of Panda Punx and because of situations beyond her control, she must shut down her inworld store. Her mainstore will be closed down sometime tonight, but her branch store on Sugulite will be open until next week. She is holding a closing sale, offering 60% off until the store ends. We @ Yer Mawm wish her the best & eagerly wait her inworld return. You can still find her great items on marketplace here..

The hair is the freebie out by Damselfly, it comes with MASSIVE amount of colors and there is a pack for the guys out too.

The lingerie is from a store on the marketplace.  The store is called Valacent, this cute lingerie is free, woot!

Skin: Violeta (Group Gift, free) @ Panda Punx
Hair: Felicity (Free) @ Damselfly
Lingerie: Dark Elegance by Valacent (Marketplace, free)

Prim Or Bust

Skintimates have rebranded under the new name of Anxiety. The have set out a great pal skin called "Mila" as their opening gift, grab it before its gone.

The hair is the 2nd anniversary gift from Dura, its come in several colors. Scripted too.

The dress is a FULL prim dress is from Ohara. It comes with a middle piece to make it longer. They have a great little group member area with tattoo's and other clothing as well. The group is free to join.

Hair: 2nd Anniversary (Group Gift, Free) @ Dura
Dress: Full Script Prim Dress (Group Gift, free) @ Ohara

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Out Of The Darkness

So I went on a bit of a hunt rampage, here is 2 hunt gifts from 2 different hunts.  The outfit includes stocking, belt, skirt & tank top and it comes from Brat, which is participating the Twisted hunt.  The skin is from the Finding FabFree Hunt.  The hair is the new MM board, only needs 100 slaps @ .:ARI:..

Skin: Skyler (Finding FabFree Hunt Stop #60) @ Rockberry
Outfit: Darkness (Twisted Hunt Stop #67) @ Brat
Hair: Diana (100 Slaps) @ .:ARI:.

Monday, September 10, 2012

CHoOoZ between Mimi, Carina or Fianna

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Hi again.  Here's some pretty goodies for you.  The dress is a promo from Mimi's Boutique, the heels are a promo from ::CHoOoZ::, the skin is from [YOON BEAUTY], and the hair is A&A from AllI&Ali Mainstore.

Mimi's V dress

::CHoOoZ:: 1 Linden Promo *Cosette* DeepSea Aqua&Platinum/Gold

A&A Fianna Hair Light Brown

Gift Anniversary :: Carina:: Skin

Mimi's V dress Free, found @ SecondLife Marketplace:

Shoes:  ::CHoOoZ:: 1 Linden Promo *Cosette* DeepSea Aqua&Platinum/Gold, found @ Secondlife Marketplace:

Hair:  A&A Fianna Hair Light Brown (free [there's one for men, too] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs New Main Store:

Skin:  Gift Anniversary :: Carina:: Skin (group join), found @ [YOON BEAUTY] MainStore:

Waiting For The Harvest

Summer Harvest Hunt is in full effect. This is the gift from American Bazaar #21 in the hunt. The clue is "I'm Blue". The skin is from Lissee its the reopening gift which is 1L. And the hair is the freebie from Mina's.

Outfit: Automn (Summer Harvest Hunt Stop #21) @ American Bazaar
Hair: Amber @ Mina
Skin: Daena 1L @ Lissee

Cutie In The Glade

My Bestie sent me a teleport to a shop with a mystery gift package that is $0L at ~*~Felicia's Fashions~*~ and there is a super cute Outfit Set called What's Your Sign - Cancer Skirt Set its adorable. Don't Miss out on this because I don't know how much longer the creator is going to keep that gift package up in the shop.

Outfit Set - ~*~Felicia's Fashions~*~ What's Your Sign - Cancer Skirt Set (July's Free Gift, Freebie $0L, in a gift box next to front desk/stairs ) - 

Skin - [YOON SKIN] Vanessa Club ( Group Gift/Free to Join) - 

Hair - A&A Evie Hair Darkbrown ( Freebie/ Marketplace ) -

Carmen In The Sunset

[ L3S ] has this super sexy Mesh Dress set that comes with Jewelry and Prim Shoes as there Group Gift and its free to join, Don't miss out on this Mesh gem. Also don't miss out grabbing the Alice Project's Gift for the Summer Harvest Hunt called Kiera - Infinity. But last but not least go and grab up [Rockberry]'s FFH Hunt Gift skin called Skyler. Enjoy!

Mesh Outfit - [ L3S ] CARMEN SILVER  MESH (Group Gift/Free to Join) -

Mesh Hair - Hair - *Alice Project* Kiera - Infinity (SHH - 65 - ALICE PROJECT Hunt - Free 

Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Skyler/FabFree Hunt/dark/CLV/BRN ( FFH #60 hunt prize skin pack) (free)-

Sunday, September 9, 2012

NMD Gets Grungy

NMD sent out a notecard regarding their new group gift.  It comes with 3 different tops, so you can achieve any look you desire. The bra top is the first pick.  The rest is explainable.  The hair is on the MM board @ .:ARI:. for 100 slaps.  The skin is the dollarbie @ Lissee.

Outfit:  Grunge (Group Gift, Free) @ NMD
Skin: Melina 1L @ Lissee
Hair: Tafty (100 Slaps) @ .:ARI:.