Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where the HooD Girlz Shop

Hoodgirls Designe has probably a dozen group gifts out. So I found my favorite and blogged it. The outfit comes with top, jeans, thong, bracelet, necklace, pearls and shoes.

Hair: Venus (Group Gift) @ Salon de Glow
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, free) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Lyon Juni (Group Gift) @ Hoodgirls Desgine

Friday, July 27, 2012

Swimming After Midnight

Koko is store # 40. They have 4 group gifts read for pick up. They have this bikini, a pair of shoes, a dress & a sporty little shorts & top. The skin is from Siss Boom and the hair is from Salon de GLOW.

Hair: Cafe Gift @ Cafe Loops
Bikini: Leather Couture Bikini (Group Gift) @ KOKO
Skin: Secret Love Parisian Disco Night Out (Group Gift) @

Laced Up & Ready To Hunt

Number 59 on the hunt. Fuzion has some great freebies out for the grabbing, go into the store and up the stairs to the first landing and there are about 5 different outfits sitting there for free. I showcased one of them. The hair is from Cafe Loops & the skin is the group gift from Modish.

Skin: Lepota (Group Gift) @ Modish
Hair: Cafe Gift @ Cafe Loops
Outfit: Laced Up Jeans/Top @ Fuzion

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Dare2Bare4 is coming up in a week so I have been blogging the freebies in their store to show you a sample of what is coming up =). So this is the next show I'm gonna showcase.  This outfit is from Dangerous Curves.  The hair is from Salon de Glow. 

Hair: Venus (Group Gift) @ Salon de Glow
Outfit: Night Life (Group, Lucky Chair) @ Dangerous Curves
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, free) @ YS & YS

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lucretia Worthy

The outfit is straight out of Spartacus. If you are an avid Spartacus watcher, you would see that this outfit is perfect for Lucretia. The outfit is from Sugarlips, hair from Analog Dog & the skin from Panda Punx.

Skin: Reena (Group Gift) @ Panda Punx
Outfit: Frayed Bond (Group Gift) @ Sugarlips
Hair: Caught (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog

Shoot For The Stars

Beyond The Stars is yet another fabulous store that has been added to other great stores participating in the Dare2Bare hunt. This outfit comes from the group lucky chair. There are 4 chairs with sexy outfits on them. The hair comes from Salon de Glow. They also have a hand bag and glasses as group gifts. (I'm not much one to accessorize. The skin is this months gift from Panda Punx. Which also has agreed to participate in Dare2Bare.

* Thank you Serenity Kestrel for giving the heads up on the group gift from Salon de Glow.

Hair: Venus (Group Gift) @ Salon de Glow
Outfit: All Star (Group Chair, 5 min) @ Beyond The Stars
Skin: Reena (Group Gift) @ Panda Punx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sweet Cherry Pie

There are several chairs waiting for you at Reasonable Desires...You looking for an outfit to raise his temp. Go check out what they have in store for you. The hair is from Logo @ the Hair Fair. The skin is a hunt gift from Kira.

Lingerie: Avery Yum! (Lucky Chair, 30 minute flip) @ Reasonable Desires
Hair: Melissa (Hair Fair) @ Logo
Skin: Beth (SLH Stop # 20) @ Style By Kira

Innocent & Sweet

I normally don't go for the lacy and frilly & definitely not white. But this is just gorgeous. It would make a very cute outfit to wear when your celebrating your marriage. Wear this outfit and blow him away.

Skin: Danielle (Group Gift) @ AngelDust
Outfit: Pracilla (Group Gift) @ Hudson 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classy Yet Sexy

Vextra Fashion has a classy but sexy dress on their Lucky Board. You have a chance to get either the red or blue version. The boards are five minutes.

Dress: Marilyn (Lucky Board, 5 Minute turn) @ Vextra Fashion
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, free) @ YS & YS

Monday, July 16, 2012

Full Of Heart

If you haven't noticed, I've been going through the stores that I chose to participate in the Dare2Bare hunt and I am showing off their freebies.  The store I feature in the blog is Lola Creations.

Little hearts all over a pair of hotpants & cute lil' tank. The hair is from ChiChickie @ the Hair Fair. And the skin is one of 3 gifts from the new group from Heartsick...Aeva/Heartsick. For now the group is open, they have not indicated for how long. So go snatch something up quickly before the store changes their mind.


Outfit: Heart Hotpants & Top 1L @ Lola Creations
Skin: Selene (Group) @ Aeva/Heartsick

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hater Lover...Say What?

Say What?...Gotta love this shirt.  It fits perfectly as the motto for my new release blog I've been doing for a while.  My Haters Motivate Me So all you that have haters that follow you around wear this and be proud.

Pic # 1
Shirt: Hater Lover (Group Gift) @ Say What
Hair: Skylynn @ Savoir Hair
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, free) @ YS & YS

Pic # 2
Tattoo: Bitch By Nature (Group Gift) @ Say What
Hair: Caught (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, free) @ YS & YS

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Walk Through The Darkside

Great new prezzies from Vaxer... First pic is the group gift, second pic is the MM board gift.

Pic # 1
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, free) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Layla (Group MM) @ Vaxer
Hair: LaDonna (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog

Pic # 2
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, free) @ YS & YS
Outfit: Stalth (Group) @ Vaxer
Hair: LaDonna (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I wear short, shorts!

So I have been showcasing some of the stores that are going to participate in my Dare2Bare Hunt coming in August.  Here is another store that signed up last night.  The place is called 215 Couture.  And I just love their clothes.  Comes with shirt, shorts and these cute red boots.

Outfit:Group Gift(Group Gift) @ 215 Couture
Hair: Ali @ Exile

Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Art Dresses & 2 Lovely Skins

Blogged by Annabella Noel

These too cute little dresses from JUST ART were such unexpected finds, but I thought I'd share them because they looked so good with the 2 skins I found:  One @ JStyLe Store (of course), and one @ Panda Punx, like one for the ladies and one for the girls, kinda; at least I thought so, and both so sweet!

 Midnight Velvet

 Purple Heart


 Panda Punx Reena Skin Group Gift

Dress pic 1:  Midnight Velvet, found @ Just Art:

Skin pic 1:  .:: JStyLe Store ::. *SKIN LOVELY* 1 (a Group Gift), found @ .:: JStyLe Store Main Store:

Dress pic 2:  Purple Heart, found @ Just Art:

Skin pic 2:  Panda Punx Reena Skin Group Gift, found @ Panda Punx Female Shapes & Skins:

 Hair:  Analog Dog Freeballs 1, 2, & 3 ("ash ash" worn in all pics [previously blogged] ), found @ Analog Dog Hair Island:

It's Getting Hawt In Herrre!

Sassy another participant for the Dare2Bare hunt is also in the Hot As Hell Hunt.  This is their gift out for people.  It's sexy, it's sheer, and you need nerves to wear it.  The hair is from Exile.

Cat Suit: Nevermore (Hot As Hell Hunt) @ Sassy!
Hair: Ali @ Exile