Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Flower's Springin rockin Freebies.....

Hi, I'm a new blogger to Yer Mawm! So happy to be a part of this and a big thanks goes out to Julya.

I know many love and adore Al vulo Skins and the owner Hlin Bluebird is always graciously kind to her group <<AL VULO! Update Group and customers by giving a gift of a awesome fantastic skin. I'm wearing Leilani April gold Fish cleavage sunkissed the free group gift that is located right close to where you land. I'm sure its only up on the group gift for a limited time so be sure to pick up this gorgeous skin.

Also wearing this rockin cute outfit called Springin from Envious, the owner Sayanicole Cuttita is always putting awesome gifts for the Group Gift and also has great stuff in the MM broad and Lucky Chairs. Also all her creations are super Sexy and fun and non-expensive so be sure to explore her store while there.

To bring out the awesome look I'm wearing Hair from Analog Dog there Freeball with lots of free hairs, this one is called Pause Puff, also always have loved the hairs from Analog Dog owner Queue Marlowe creates.

Hope everyone has a lovely spring.

Outfit - :.Envious.: Springin - (Group Gift/Free)

Skin: al vulo- leilani* april gold fish cleavage sunkissed - (Group Gift/Free)

Hair: Pause Puff From Analog Dog Freeball - (Free ball on beach)

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