Sunday, May 13, 2012

Browsing in the SHIKI VIP Lounge

 Blog by Ishmael Sands

I found out browsing in the SHIKI VIP lounge in their basement can be very rewarding for group members--LOTS of free good outfits for both men and women.  Don't miss out!

SHIKI-Aloha shirt VANILLA TROPICS (group gift)

SHIKI-Cargidan BLUE w/tartan pants (group gift)

Shirt, picture #1:  SHIKI-Aloha shirt VANILLA TROPICS (group gift), found @ Shiki Designs:

Outfit, picture #2:  SHIKI-Cargidan BLUE w/tartan pants (group gift), found @ Shiki Designs:

Skin:  GUILI ABRELATAS, Complete Male Avatar Skin & outfit package (here only the skin is shown from the L$4 package [previously blogged] ), found @ TORO'S:

Hair:   [INK] Hair___DAWN ::Goup gift (3 colors, only blond shown [previously blogged] ), found @ [INK] Flagship Shop:

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