Monday, April 9, 2012

TWA: Masterpiece Van Gogh Signature Gown

The White Armory's latest group giftie, the Masterpiece Van Gogh Signature Gown is a forgery! Well, not really a forgery, more of a mystery. The sunflowers on the flowing raiment pictured above are not those of 19th century Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh. He did indeed paint sunflowers (and also irises) -- but separately -- never mixed as if growing in a field together. At least not as far as I can tell after pouring over several online catalogs of his works looking for the name of the piece, which is included with the gown as a reproduction.

So here I am wearing a painting that's not really a painting, but a gown. And a Van Gogh that's really a pseudo-Van Gogh -- shall we say an artist's interpretation of a Van Gogh?

We may as well throw authenticity out the window and call the whole thing an homage!

Then there's a second mystery, that of Vincent Van Gogh's supposed suicide. According to a recent biography, Van Gogh: The Life, Vincent did not kill himself but was likely shot accidentally by a teenage boy (summering in Auvers) who, along with his friends, had gotten into the habit of teasing and bullying the artist. To watch a startling episode of 60 Minutes about the subject Click Here.

Remember, the TWA group is free to join, but they require that you request a group invitation from Colton Drechsler or Ida Donardson. Their group gifties change weekly (on Sundays).

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*The White Armory: Masterpiece Van Gogh Signature Gown (Group Giftie)
::MODISH:: NotADoll Sunkissed Skin Who's That Girl Hunt Prize no. 9 (thru April 20th)
 *[Raspberry Aristocrat]: Jess Hair (Red Seal Hunt Prize 2011; no longer available as hunt prize)

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