Monday, April 16, 2012


Blogger:  Ishmael Sands

I like to go to BC & Co. once in a while because they always seem to have a nice little tidbit for everyone--like take this nice Group Gift they have out for the month of April, and they have gift chairs in the front outside the store (mostly for women but a few guy's things show up there, too, once in a while).

                   BC & Co. ~ NAUTICLE RED ~ APRIL GROUP GIFT (FOR MEN & WOMEN)

Outfit:  BC & Co. ~ NAUTICLE RED ~ APRIL GROUP GIFT (FOR MEN & WOMEN), found @ BC & Co.:

Skin:  GUILI ABRELATAS Skin, from GUILI ABRELATAS Compete Male Avatar pack (previously blogged), found @ TORO'S:

Hair:  [INK] Hair___DAWN ::Goup gift (previously blogged), found @ [INK] Flagship Shop:

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