Monday, April 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time at The White Armory

According to Kermit, if you're a frog, you've got it all: the lillypad, the stagnant water, the old quagmire. But for some reason, this frog just seems to want to sleep on my pillow!

To view the Jim Henson's The Frog Prince Click Here

Maybe it has something to do with my Once Upon a Time Gown -- this week's group giftie from The White Armory. The blue silk gown with patterned tulle overskirt and cute, white corseted blouse with puffed sleeves would make anyone feel like a princess.

Sometimes it seems that TWA gowns work best with a statuesque shape, but happily the Once Upon a Time Gown fits a smaller avatar equally well  The skirt is sculpted and has only four prims.

The curly, ruby-coloured Senri2 side-pony with colour-change/hideable bow is styled by D!VA. It currently inhabits one of the shop's two five-minute Lucky Boards. But then, one can send one's trusty new amphibious friend to wait on that! What are frogs for?

The TWA group is free to join, but they do require that you request a group invitation from Colton Drechsler or Ida Donardson. Their group gifties change weekly (on Sundays).

 To begin your Once Upon a Time Click Here

*The White Armory: Once Upon a Time Gown (group giftie)
 *D!VA: Senri2 Hair Type B in Ruby (Lucky Chair Prize - 5 min. turnover)
*::MODISH:: March Fair Skin (group giftie for March 2012)

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