Monday, April 16, 2012


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Well, really I just wanted to show off my new boxers, but it got you here, didn't it? ;-D

Found this cute little store outlet while I was wandering around Artisans Merchant Village. There are little blue gift boxes there, one for the girls and one for the guys.  The guy’s contains a nice grey T-shirt w/an optional TROLLOLOLOL face you can put on it or you can wear the shirt plain.  Also, there's a blue pair of boxers that goes with the deal.  What's more is they have a Group Gift of men's brown zip-up mock-tennis shoes featured this month.  Check it out!

EB Atelier Gift Boy T-shirt & Boxers

Gio *GROUP GIFT* (Brown zip-up mock-tennis shoes)

T-Shirt & Boxers:  EB Atelier GIFT BOY (little blue box) contains EB TROLLOLOLOL T-shirt grey (option of face or no face on it) & EB Atelier boxer flori, found @ EB Atelier store outlet:

Shoes:  Gio *GROUP GIFT* wear EB Atelier tag, found @ EB Atelier store outlet:

Skin:  GUILI ABRELATAS Skin, from GUILI ABRELATAS Compete Male Avatar pack (previously blogged), found @ TORO'S:

Hair:  [INK] Hair___DAWN ::Goup gift (previously blogged), found @ [INK] Flagship Shop:

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