Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midnight Mushrooms with Designs by Shalenda

For some reason, Shalenda Littlebird &

Designs by Shalenda's USC branch has gone fungal. Sole proprietress and designer, Shalenda Littlebird, has placed her Twisted Mushroom 1 sculpt in the shop's Midnight Mania for only Seventy-Five (75) slaps!

A perfect perch for forest creatures, this shroomie has a ruffled edge, a twisted stem, and comes with both a sculpt map and a texture that doubles as a fitted guide.

Download the guide to your computer, and you can use it to create shroomie textures of your own! I won the StarryNight 7 texture from Shalenda's Lucky Chair ages ago, and used it to create the Midnight Mushroom pictured above. The possibilities are endless.

Initially, Shalenda began creating full perm textures exclusively for her clothing shops' MM boards. Her first full perm creation was a simple pack of four rice paper textures. Now she makes a whole range of sculpts and textures for home, garden and clothing -- as well as whimsical creations. 

She's inspired to make things she would use herself, and finds the CoLab Project to be another fantastic source of inspiration.

"Why create and sell it if I won't use it?", says Littlebird. 

Shalenda's favorite applications are Blender, GIMP, Prim Generator and Twisted Brush Pro 15, all of which she says she would recommend in a heartbeat. Her philosophy is to love what you do and have fun.

"And keep your eyes open," she says. "Inspiration can show up in the strangest places."

Future projects include habitats and more sculpts for accessories and wearables.

And here's a sneak preview -- the demon horns pictured above will be the next sculpt to hit Shalenda's Midnight Mania. They are a bit hard to see because the primeval forest is so very, very dark! 

(Oh, okaaay, I Photoshopped the picture too dark -- but they are really, really cute horns, so watch Shalenda's board for them.) She says her boards change "whenever I can get a breather to create my heart out!"

 You whose pastime is to make midnight mushrooms Click Here

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