Monday, April 23, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012: Ruins of Nu Orne

Fantasy Faire 2012 

The Fairelands Junction

Ruins of Nu Orne


Well, you've probably figured out by now that the 2012 Fantasy Faire is back -- from April 21-29 (nine days) -- with an army of over 130 fantasy creators whose designs are helping raise funds for Relay for Life of Second Life.

The Fantasy Faire comprises an entire continent with a Fairelands Junction from which you can teleport to eight different fantasy-themed sims: Devil's Locket, Jungle Bungle, Meandervale, Ruins of Nu Orne, Shadow's Claw, Siren's Secret, and The Tides. To check for updates on Fantasy Faire events: Click Here

While you're hunting priceless mystical artifacts in the ruined temples of the steamy jungle of Nu Orne, stop by FallnAngel for their adventurer's dollarbie, the unisex Branwen Outfit with doubled-up tied fabric belt, multiple shirt options and bolero jacket. I think the belt is for getting you out of tight those tight spots, like when you need to repel down the side of a building or throw a sling bullet.

Once you've got your serious gear, you can stop by Animations Rising for their transcendent His & Hers Solar Special Edition White Silks with attachable particles. This angelic giftie will have you asking, "Are we human, or are we dancers?" The answer: "Yes!"

*FallnAngel: Unisex Branwen Outfit (FF store dollarbie)
*Animations Rising:  His & Hers Solar Special Edition White Silks (FF giftie)
*D!VA:  Nana Hair Long Type B in Ruby (Lucky Board 5-min turnaround)
 *[IHS]: Vignette Toasties in Mud (freestore)
*Hush Skins & Body Shop: Paige BabyDoll Honey Skin and Paige Shape [(March) group giftie; April = Lashes]
*Dura*: Group Gift air in Black 
*LaVie: Echo Skin from Menstuff Hunt 2011 (no longer available)

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