Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012: Quixotic Meandervale

Fantasy Faire 2012 

The Fairelands Junction


Don Quixote never tilted at windmills like the ones in Meandervale, (one of the eight fantasy-themed sims at this year's 2012 Fantasy Faire)!

The straw-colored grasslands of Meandervale have sprouted numerous butterfly windmills, along with huge sunflowers and giant Mediterranean fruits. It looks like a place where an avatar could go a little bonkers role playing chivalry and wander off to find his Sancho Panza and Dulcinea.

Reflecting the butterfly theme, Vaengi has placed two sets of giftie wings in the store's Gift & Shopping Basket. The Combo Jewel Ragged Fair Wings are pictured above, and also included are Colortip Angel Gabriel Wings, (which are feathered and much bigger). Both are animated and come with a Wing Control HUD.

And since the climate is semi-arid, Star Journey Academy has put out an adorable Petite Rain Stick with Animation, that includes a soothing soundloop that will nevertheless eventually drive all your friends crazy. For that reason alone, you must get it. Look on the floor!

In keeping with the spirit of the past, An Lema has placed out an antique store giftie of two bookcases and a storage cabinet that would grace any historical setting.

 *Vaengi: Combo Jewel Ragged Fair Wings & Colortip Angel Gabriel Wings (FF Giftie)
 *Star Journey Academy: Petite Rain Stick with Animation
*An Lema: Bookcases & Storage Cabinet 
 *D!VA:  Nana Hair Long Type A in Ruby (Lucky Board 5-min turnaround)
 *MOJO: Angelica Free Skin (Group Giftie)
 *C’est la vie!: Drape Cami (Group Giftie)
 *Siss Boom: Cutie Pie Jeans (Group Giftie)
*Herby Loire: Fashion Design Sandals (SL Marketplace)

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