Friday, April 13, 2012

Egg Bash

This is a funny lil game brought to you by Curious KittiesIt will run from April 8 to 22.

- get a free hammer
- stand on a flower around the egg (up to 8 players)
- hit the giant egg until it break (will break after random time)
When the egg breaks it gives you a random limited edition spezial prize. 10 prizes are shown below.

*C:K* Cutie Bunny Ears (with color HUD)
*C:K* Breezy Pastel Plaid Dress

*C:K* Elegant Fur Dress - Funky Pastel

*C:K* Fuzzy Pastel Monster Fur Bunny Dress - Special Pink

*C:K* Cute Stripe Fur Armwarmers

*C:K* Cutie Confetti Hands

*C:K* Dark Pastel Cosplay Bunny Kitty Doll

*C:K* Simple Pastel Lace Up Boots - Purple
*C:K* Simple Pastel Lace Up Boots - Green
*C:K* Simple Pastel Lace Up Boots - Blue
*C:K* Simple Pastel Lace Up Boots - Orange (no pic)

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